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Snafu Avatar Make Everything WAYCOOLER!

1:13 AM Friday, July 13, 2012

Guess what? Ryan Gosling was kinda cool, but he just got WayCooler thanks to my new FREE art & photo app available NOW on the app store. But it doesn't stop at Gosling. You can make EVERYTHING #WayCooler. Even a blank canvas! Download it HERE NOW, (its called "WayCooler")

And here's a ton more information and also a rad commercial for your eyes! Go make things WayCooler!!!!

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Snafu Avatar Bunnywith TOYS! And other Comic Con Madness

1:57 AM Monday, July 9, 2012

I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but I couldnt be more excited to announce that finally BUNNYWITH TOYS are going to be available at COMIC CON! Along with a bajillion other new products! Zerofriends Booth #5502, HERE are a TON of new products, as well as My signing schedule. See you there!

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Snafu Avatar Brand new art show & appearance in SLC this Friday!

2:51 AM Thursday, January 19, 2012
Long time no post! Well, I am in Snafu Dave's neck of the woods now, showcasing a brand new collection of superhero paintings at "Blonde Grizzly" Gallery in Salt Lake City this Friday, Jan 20, at 6 PM.

All of the details and more preview images are RIGHT HERE

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Snafu Avatar "Attack The Block" Drawing & Monster Love

6:46 PM Saturday, August 6, 2011
Occasionally I will stumble upon something that will be so inspiring that I feel I have to shove everything to the side and just start scribbling. Well, this weekend is one of those times. I saw Joe Cornish’s alien-invasion movie “Attack The Block” the other day and I was so refreshingly blown away by it I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I drew this for funsies:

If you are anywhere within atomic-bomb-fallout distance from one of the few theaters that is showing “Attack The Block” I highly suggest you do your eyes and heart a favor and go see it. Edgar Wright (Director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim and who is showing ALL 3 OF THOSE MOVIES AT THE CASTRO IN SF IN A FEW WEEKS!!!) is one of the executive producers so it pretty much goes without saying that this is another well-deserved notch on his champion “i make awesome things” belt.
Oh and the Gorilla-Wolf-Lookin’ Things in the movie have now been added to my growing watercolor portrait archive of “MY FAVORITE MONSTERS” and this one is now available to buy on our webstore. CLICK HERE or on the pic to purchase:

In case you can’t tell, I liked this movie. A lot. The end. Go See it:)

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Snafu Avatar My FULL COMIC CON Schedule & Releases Unveiled!

8:54 PM Friday, July 15, 2011

It's the biggest year of new releases I have EVER had. And FINALLY! My FULL SCHEDULE of signings, releases, exclusives and more for SAN DIEGO COMIC CON is here! Check it out by clicking HERE or the photo above

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Snafu Avatar Happy 1-Year Birthday, Animated Chadam!

3:08 PM Saturday, June 25, 2011
One year ago, a little animated web series I created for Warner Bros Television got released after 3 years of dreaming about it and producing it. This was, and still is, one of the best learning experiences of my career. Happy 1-Year Birthday, Animated CHADAM!

To Celebrate, I put a ton of concept art and video links on my TUMBLR

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Snafu Avatar My New Art Book "AWFUL/RESILIENT" Is Out NOW!

5:33 PM Friday, May 20, 2011

Its HERE! And just in time for the rapture, first 200 orders get a free DOOMSDAY print!


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Snafu Avatar Free Analog Steve Buscemi Eyes from MEEEE!!!

11:44 PM Saturday, April 16, 2011


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5:44 PM Monday, February 14, 2011
So I have been lucky enough to be graced with multiple episodes of exciting news as of late, with the upcoming Sucker Punch movie being released, the great reception to my recent VERTIGO show (which i haven't forgot about putting up more pictures from, I have just been CRAZY busy) and now THIS!

Tomorrow night, TUESDAY, FEB 15th (technically Weds morning) I will be making my very first network television appearance on LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY!

The Last Call show was EXTREMELY supportive and I am excited (but awkwardly nervous) to see how it turns out. But nonetheless, it would mean the world to me if you are able to either tune in tomorrow night, or set your DVR's to catch it! And also on the show that night is long-time maniac filmmaker KEVIN SMITH!!! Crazy. So yes, please check your local listings, but i believe it is on everywhere at 1:35AM but it MIGHT BE EARLIER in some time zones so please check.

Thanks so much! and I hope my restless leg syndrome doesn't shine through and i don't come off as too much of a DROOLEY by saying "umm, like, honestly, umm" too much!!

And if it turns out good, let Carson Daly and the Last Call Staff and NBC know, cuz I would love to do it again sometime:)

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10:52 AM Friday, January 7, 2011

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (including how to get one of 500 free prints just for showing up) ABOUT MY NEW HUGE SOLO ART SHOW "VERTIGO" CAN ALL BE FOUND IF YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE!

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Snafu Avatar My "VERTIGO" Art Story Begins to Unravel...

11:38 AM Monday, December 13, 2010
Not much has been revealed yet about the direction of my upcoming solo art show, "VERTIGO" at COREY HELFORD GALLERY in LA on JAN 8th, 2011, but that will slowly change over the next couple of weeks.
What I can say as of now, is that my entire show is inspired by the famous big game hunter from Kenya named Verti Parker. And over the next couple of weeks, I got authorization and access to, for the first time, publish some excerpts from a previously unpublished biography written about Verti, by historian Horace Chalem. So make sure you bookmark this new website and follow the story of Verti Parker as it unravels, giving a glimpse into the new world that will be unveiled at my show on Jan 8th. Enjoy:)

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Snafu Avatar Last FREE Print Giveaway of the year! YAY!

5:35 PM Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yep, you heard correctly, click the above image for all of the info or go straight to the ZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE NOW!

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1:20 AM Friday, December 3, 2010

If you are even a little bit close to me, or have followed me on my TWITTER PAGE in the last year, it's no secret that I rarely shower, but am simultaneously OBSESSED with hand sanitizer. I seriously have even considered eating it in place of brushing my teeth, and the only reason I haven't, is because I am still a little mesmerized by the stuff. I mean, I have paint and grime on my hands consistently and one of the reasons I love hand sanitizer so much is that it is obviously made from magical Wizard-Sweat because it LITERALLY MAKES DIRT DISAPPEAR. I have no idea how. It doesn't just push dirt around, it evaporates it like an awesome laser gun, and it does this all while smelling great and feeling refreshing!
For 2 years, from 2005-2007 I had even made a make-shift Purell Dispenser/Harness out of duct tape and excitement that was a permanent fixture in my car until I used it so much it practically disintegrated itself. There is still duct tape residue on my glove box. Anyway, yah, I love that shit. And I'm constantly referencing it or making awesome sanitizer jokes and photoshop pics, like this one, depicting a variation that I wish existed so that I did not have to wash my HAM every time I eat it:

Anyway, because of this publicized love for hand sanitizer, and because STEPHEN REEDY has been directing the shit out of some rad short films and commercials for Zerofriends, we (Stephen, Me & Zerofriends) have been getting asked numerous times to take a job pitching a new marketing direction for Purell. And although I assumed it meant I could get enough free Purell to finally substitute showering forever by sleeping in a waterbed filled with Purell and finally destroy my syphilis, we have passed on every occasion because, passion aside, I'm not too sure if Purell fits my brand. That is, until today, when NASA ANNOUNCED THAT SOME BACTERIA CAN SURVIVE IN SPACE OFF OF ARSENIC AND STUFF! That seemed like a perfect segue into our new relationship with my favorite beverage, Purell! Because of our connections with the #1 magical Bacteria killers, we got word a little early from Purell & NASA about this discovery and we got to workkkkkkkkk, and the new campaign was launched a mere 7 HOURS after NASA announced that life as we know it is now changed! So here you go, Purell, I give you your new marketing campaign, courtesy of Stephen Reedy, Myself & Zerofriends. Now write us our check or I'll infect you with something that I guarantee you can't cure.

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Snafu Avatar Zerofriends BROWN THURSDAY FREE PRINT GIVEAWAY SALE! Starts Nov 25!

4:57 PM Saturday, November 20, 2010

CHeck it out! HUGE SALE STARTING THURSDAY! TONS OF NEW PRODUCTS TOO! Full information if you click on the ad above!!!

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Snafu Avatar Zerofriends LA Retail Store opens THIS SATURDAY!

11:37 AM Thursday, November 11, 2010

Annnnddd, the circus has traveled again!

Man, it seems like only yesterday that we were closing up the San Francisco Zerofriends store. Wait, what? It WAS yesterday? Really? hmm, ok well, either way, ONWARD WE ROLL! Next stop, Lost Angela!

Like a dwarf dipped in honey, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. My clothing & art company, ZEROFRIENDS, is continuing its gypsy-like trek around the country, setting up temporary retail stores to integrate and introduce our brand and art to different cities for a couple months at a time. First was NY, then SF where we teamed up with Upper Playground, and now, for the next 3 months, we will be teaming up with CELLA GALLERY and chillin in Los Angeles!

OPENING THIS SATURDAY, NOV 13 (and every day after that) around noon, we will be set up in a cool little shop in the North Hollywood Art District for the next 3 months, so please come say hi, check out the products, see some art, and hang like that the cat in that old 70's poster. Here is the official info & hours for the store, starting this saturday and below there's some info about the opening event and what is to come in the next few months at the store:)

NOV 13, 2010 - JAN 31 1, 2011
Cella Gallery presents:
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Open Daily from 12-7PM

THIS SATURDAY, Nov 13, is our first OFFICIAL day open! Though we are not having a large grand opening event, there WILL be some amazing special guests in town hanging out at the store signing prints and chatting. Zerofriends' own DAVE CORREIA & ROBERT BOWEN, along with maybe some surprise visits from friends (hint, hint, friends!) will be there all day Saturday. I unfortunately, will not be able to make the opening due to scheduling conflicts but I will be down there soon:) So take a break from sitting in the LA sun in mid November, and go check out the new spot! Also, the transition was VERY quick from SF to LA, and this amazing opportunity came a little faster than we had planned, so we jumped on it. Because of this, we are still working on some fun events, new product releases, MOVIE KNIGHTS (maybe hosted by some fun LA friends:) so stay tuned to what madness we can bring ya in the next 3 months. Thanks in advance for your support. Love,

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Snafu Avatar Alex Pardee x Zerofriends present new CAGE video: Captain Bumout

12:55 PM Monday, November 8, 2010
Hello world. It was a year ago today that Director Stephen Reedy, DP Chris Saul, myself as producer and our small Zerofriends Films crew shot our first Zerofriends short film, THE WINTER STALKER. Not ONE person on our team has stopped working for a moment since then, and the results have been incredible. We have all come a long way, lost some money, lost some more hair, juggled other jobs, won some film festivals, Chis and his wife had a baby, Dave Correia learned how to build tentacles and houses and robots, I moved like 3 times, and we even added an amazing effects wizard to the team (Teague Chrystie). So nothing makes me happier than when I click "play" on the little youtube box below and I see the final results of all of our collected dedication. So please take a couple of minutes and check out Director Stephen Reedy & Zerofriends' newest monster, the official music video for someone who I have been a fan of since Agent Orange, CAGE. I am proud to present, "CAPTAIN BUMOUT":

We spent weeks in pre-production with Dave Correia designing rubber tentacle-puppets and figuring out the effects, then shot the video in LA at R&R gallery over 2 days, alongside a warehouse of Cage fans and friends and made a nuclear mess of the place, and then worked on editing, effects, sound and post-production as hard as humanly possible. It was finally finished last night at 3:30 AM.
Thank you in the most amazing way possible to our creative team, Stephen, Cage, Chris, Megan, Dave, Teague, Melissa, Rich, and everyone else involved. This is my favorite thing ever. And I finally got to die on screen. So much fun

And speaking of Cage, this tuesday, KID CUDI's new album is released which is A) Awesome, and B) Has a CAGE Collab song called Maniac on it! So please go our and support!

Let us know your thoughts on the video too!

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Snafu Avatar Teaser for the new CAGE music video that I produced!

2:35 PM Monday, November 1, 2010
Coming really soon. As in next week soon...Check out the teaser for new the new CAGE video for his song "Captain Bumout", produced by me & Zerofriends and directed by Zerofriends' superstar Stephen Reedy (director of Winter Stalker & T-Shirt Monster). Full video will be unleashed next week. So rad.

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Snafu Avatar Brand new Alex Pardee x Greg "Craola" Simkins Collab Print!!

11:13 AM Friday, October 29, 2010
Greg "Craola" Simkins and I love a lot of the same things, but mostly we love Halloween, Jack o' Lanterns, old SuperFriends cartoons, non-existent animals, and telling ridiculous stories by the campfire.
A couple of months ago, while photographing some monsters for reference on an old shipwrecked boat that had washed up somehow 8 miles inland from the shore, Greg and I stumbled upon a small orange ring mixed in with some dried seaweed. When we brushed it off, BOTH of us SAW it glow. We can swear by that. It only happened for a second, but it happened.

Then it stopped.
But that didn't stop our imaginations, immediately we were arguing where it came from, why it was discarded, and what type of powers this orange ring really did have. But what eventually DID happily transpire was a brand new addition to mine and Greg's "Scared Friends" universe that we juggled back and forth and ultimately molded into a brand new monstrous holiday icon. I present to you, just in time for Halloween, from Greg "Craola" Simkins & Myself, "JACKSON O'MALLEY: THE ORANGE LANTERN":

"The Orange Lantern" Is now available as an ultra limited giclee print from Zerofriends, and, as an extra bonus, comes with a FREE additional print that displays the story of Jackson O'Malley as told by Greg & myself (which you can read in full below). Here is all of the info on the brand new Collaborative print!

By Alex Pardee & Greg "Craola" Simkins
Produced By Zerofriends
Ultra Limited Edition of 100
17" x 22" Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag Paper
Each Print is hand signed, numbered, and loved by Alex Pardee & Greg Simkins
Also, each print comes packaged with a FREE additional 10" x 8" print displaying the story of The Orange Lantern


Direct Link to purchase the print:

Here is the full story of The Orange Lantern:

"Piles of hay created an elaborate maze with large costumed sentries guarding the entrance of Mrs Cottone’s Pumpkin Patch. They looked like carnival prizes from years past: noses falling off and black button eyes staring blankly. But today they seemed even a bit more menacing. Jackson O’Malley shuttered as he quickened his step past them.
”Ummmff!” Jackson grunted as he fell to the ground tripping over a rather stubborn branch. Or WAS it a branch?

Looking up, Jackson laid his eyes upon what must have been the ugliest, oldest withered scarecrow he had ever seen. Its putrid and sunken head looked like it must have been left over from last year’s crop of pumpkins and a nice family of beetles were having their way with its rotted skin as beetles often do.

On further inspection, something odd stood out to Jaded Jackson. He hadn’t tripped over a branch or a root, but rather a curled up withered claw, and it was grasping at something. In its rigor-mortised grip was an orange ring with some odd symbols on it.

“Well this is my lucky day”, thought Jackson as he broke the ring clear of the grasping claw. “I’ll just add this to my collection of Weird Things From the Pumpkin Patch”. That collection didn’t really exist, however. This was actually the oddest thing he had encountered at Mrs. Cottone’s Pumpkin Patch in all of the years he had been kicking off his Autumn and coming here.

A strange warmth pulsed through the ring as he held it, and as he slipped it over his finger two things happened. The fallen scarecrow’s head abruptly shifted his gaze at the boy and a wicked grin grew across the face of the scarecrow. Then immediately, Jackson bent over vomiting in horrific pain. Pumpkin seeds, alongside the gooey lining of the gourd that fills the sink as it’s carved each October seemed to leap endlessly out of his mouth and nose. Then…all went black.

When he awoke, the pumpkin patch was bathed in darkness. All the guests had seemingly left to return to their T.V. trays and their nightly Wheel of Fortune on the Zenith. Even the scarecrow, which had caused this strange hallucination earlier, was gone. Weirder yet, it appeared as though someone had switched his clothes with the scarecrows. “Perverts”, he thought, “who would take the time to slip my clothes off and put these filthy tights on me. I hope no one took secret photos. I won’t here the end of it”. He said the latter part out of this thought out loud but his voice was labored, as one seed from his earlier puke-fest still remained lodged in his throat. As he swallowed it so as not to give in completely to the desires of his bitter bowels, a little crackling voice whispered inside his ear: “Please…come over here”.


“It wasn’t a question. Come over here NOW!”

As Jackson approached his reflection in the window of an abandoned trailer, led somehow by an inner-ear-navigator, things quickly became clear.

He threw up his hand in pain as a bright glow shot past him! Dodging the blast, the source of his inner driver began throbbing in pain, and as the bad seed he had swallowed just minutes ago grew inside of him, it burst through side of Jackson’s now-pumpkinesque face, fiercely displaying the new tormented duality of …“The Orange Lantern!”

And check out some detailed shots of The Orange Lantern print:


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Snafu Avatar "HATCHET 2" Print Unveiled by Alex PArdee & Adam Green!

11:51 AM Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's no mystery that the entire horror genre has shaped my creative life ever since I watched Romero's Creepshow and then dressed up as a severed head on a plate for Halloween in 3rd grade. It's also no mystery that, more specifically, INDEPENDENT horror movies have been amongst my greatest loves during these formidable years. Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Bad Taste, Night Of The Living Dead, Re-animator, Henry, Basket Case, Cemetery Man, and, more recently….Adam Green's HATCHET & HATCHET 2.
And simultaneously, it's no secret that Hatchet director Adam Green is a huge supporter and fan of underground art.
So I guess the horror gods who control the gory planets and stars helped guide Adam & I towards each other in a dark alley where we could each shape-shift into our favorite monsters, battle to the death, declare it a draw, high five, and decide to collaborate instead of fight!

And I am more than glad that we did, because I am extremely proud of the disgustingly cool visual Louisiana gumbo that we brewed up for your eyeballs.
Adam Green & I met recently at a Weekend Of Horrors event in LA and shortly after, we started crossing paths more frequently and after realizing that both of our "origin story-arcs" were very similar (our careers were both forged from years of passionate DIY experiences with our art forms), it was a natural progression to collaborate when the time was right. And that time….is right…NOW.

In honor of Adam Green's recent amazing feat of releasing HATCHET 2, a truly independent horror movie completely uncut and unrated in mainstream theaters this past October (something that no other movie has done in over 20 years!), he and I teamed up to create an ultra limited HATCHET 2 Art Print that is available now exclusively through ZEROFRIENDS, who also produced the print.
This art print ALSO marks the FIRST little project that Adam Green & I collaborated on, but NOT NEARLY the last. He and I have just officially started working on a REALLY REALLY COOL ART PROJECT that has never been done before that we are both ecstatic about. But more on that later. For now, enjoy the colorful madness that we created to honor one of the coolest events in recent independent horror history:) Oh, and getting to draw Victor Crowley's scarred visage and Danielle Harris' perfect one wasn't so bad either! Here are all of the details for the HATCHET 2 art print, which is AVAILABLE NOW, exclusively online at ZEROFRIENDS.

"HATCHET 2" Limited Edition Giclee Print
By Alex Pardee
17" x 22"
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag paper.
Ultra Limited edition of 100
Each poster is signed, numbered, and bled upon by artist Alex Pardee and HATCHET 2 Director Adam Green
$50.00 Each.


Thank you all for your continued support, and if you missed it in the theaters, please keep your eyes peeled for HATCHET 2 on DVD & BluRay sometime soon!

Love, Alex & Adam


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Snafu Avatar My first ART-BASED Iphone App AVAILABLE NOW!!!

3:59 PM Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanna stare at bright colors and argue with your friends about what kind of drugs I'm on half the time when I paint? (hint: nothing). Tired of attempting to describe to your friends that you saw something online that looked like a giant pink retarded bubble monster getting strangled by a gremlin with anger issues but have no reference to show them? Wanna check out everything that's going on with my website and art but you're bored of the regular old browser on your phone or touch that was SO 2009? Want to be the coolest inmate on death row? (*this one applies only to people on death row, sorry). Well, now, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT!

Yes, that is correct. I have begun my online mobile invasion. A few years ago I wanted to figure out a way to spread something fun to as many people as possible. After working with scientists on a way to evolve the herpes virus into a bullet that i could shoot into everyone at a party, along came iphone programmer and genius code writer JARRYD HALL, who convinced me that HERPES is also "So last year" and that if I really wanted to have fun, that I should start applying my art to mobile applications. Needless to say I tried to shoot him with my herpes gun for suggesting such a thing, but that's because I was confused. However, after a little convincing and hard work, Jarryd showed me what he could do, and a brilliant artistic relationship was born. Over the upcoming months, and hopefully long into the future, Jarryd Hall and I are going to be collaborating on some really fun art apps, games etc, all specifically designed with trans-media and the latest technology in mind.

That being said, I am extremely proud to announce that MY VERY FIRST OFFICIAL IPHONE APP IS NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

This first app is simply a gateway drug into what is to come in the future. This first app is a combination of many of my different worlds (art, film, blog, etc) all available in an iphone-friendly mobile browser. As an artist who also digs and searches and stares at other artists' creations on the internet, i often find it hard to navigate through art and find good versions that I can share with my friends or show them what I am talking about when I reference it. For this reason alone, Jarryd & I basically created a downloadable library of over 200 mobile-friendly versions of my art that you can view and share ANY TIME, whether you are ONLINE or OFFLINE! In addition to basically downloading 200 easily searchable and viewable images, the app also has live feeds of my blog, links to twitter, videos, an in-browser store (Zerofriends), a bio, and more to come hopefully a ways in the future. Additionally, this app was designed ENTIRELY by myself and Jarryd. Just the 2 of us:) Jarryd sacrificed a lot of time with all of the coding and support and this was a really good creative experience for the both of us.
So please take a moment to check out the app and if you feel generous, purchase it for a nice little $0.99 cents!
And just so you know our reasoning behind making the app a purchasable app instead of a free app, there are 2 main reasons. 1.) Because you are basically paying for 200 instant free wallpaper images for your phone that you can change as much as you want to, share with your friends even if you are OFFLINE, and which will update in the future with more images. and 2) because we are creating these apps for YOU as well as for ourselves and for our art. We are hoping to continue to expand our learning experience with creating the app into way more involved apps, like photo editing apps, downloadable comic book, games revolving around my art, and other interactive games. But we can not continue to explore this new way of experimenting with my art without your support. So thank you in advance, even for considering. Hope you enjoy it and I will keep you updated on our new app adventures!!

Direct link to view & purchase app

Thanks again for your support! Keep an eye out for some fun interactive apps in the future from Jarryd Hall and I!

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Snafu Avatar Bloody Santa & Hatchet 2....

12:29 PM Thursday, September 30, 2010
I just got back from one of the most fun 2 days i've ever had. Tuesday was the Hatchet 2 premiere and I am such a fan of Adam Green and independent horror that it was an honor to be able to tag along to that to witness the premiere of the FIRST theatrical UNRATED horror movie in over 20 years! It opens tonight at midnight all over the country in select theaters. If you can, please go out and support this movie if it's in your area. This is a big deal and if it's successful, actually has the potential to change the theatrical horror industry from only releasing PG-13 safe remakes to more fun, original horror! A lot of the best horror is being created and released overseas now and yes, those movies are amazing, but let's show the rest of the world that we can make original hardcore fun horror over here too! I had a ton of fun watching the movie, and I will try to put a short review of it up here in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, GO SEE HATCHET 2 THIS WEEKEND!!!!
Here is a list of the theaters that are showing it!

And you can watch the trailer for Hatchet 2 below!

Then, yesterday, I finally got to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time! I met photographer Ama Lea about a year ago and fell in love with her photography. Then, shortly thereafter, i found out that she was working alongside my good friend Melissa Pizzamiglio (awesome makeup artist who has worked on all of our Zerofriends films), on a project called The Bloody Best (also alongside stylist Autumn Steed & Visual effects artist Roger Johansen), where creators involved in the horror industry pay homage to classic and modern horror, I wanted to be a part of it SO bad, but was aftraid to ask! But as a nice surprise, I got contacted by Ama Lea a few weeks ago and I flipped! So yesterday, was a whole day of playing dress up and having a bloody blast of well-needed fun. The official photos from the project won't be released for a little while, but when they ARE released, I will show you because they are INSANE!:) so much blood! But for now, check out a couple of behind-the-scenes photos and you can get a glimpse of the madness. And make sure you check out some of the other photos from THE BLOODY BEST PROJECT HERE, including photos of new horror icons like James Gunn, Adam Green, Danielle Harris, Ti West & so many more to come! I couldn't be happier to be lumped in with this awesome team.

From left, Model Pandie (who i got to murder), Photographer AmaLea, Some dirty old man, & Make-up artist Melissa Pizzamigilo.

Director & animator Mike Taylor from PRETEND FOR REALSTUDIOS came by to film some behind the scenes stuff too, so look for that soon also!

And lastly, the ZEROFRIENDS Retail Store in SF (On Fillmore @ Haight St), guest artist SKINNER will be co-hosting his favorite movie, BEASTMASTER, alongside me for our 3rd MOVIE KNIGHTS EVENT!
gonna be rad.
This is what you can watch with us. Prints/tix still available at the store!


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Snafu Avatar Finally have a Facebook page:)

2:43 AM Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Hey yo.
So Facebook was the only Social Network that i had kept as private, but there are 3 or 4 other fan pages out there that I had no control over so i decided to finally set it up correctly. And this page will be the same feed generally as my personal one, so please add this page, and I apologize if I didn't add you on my personal page. I love you just the same.
Here is a link to the new page, which has a ton of art and stuff that you might not have even seen before.
here is the link:

Direct link:


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Snafu Avatar 24 hours left to vote for WInter Stalker to win!!!

4:27 PM Thursday, September 16, 2010
Hey guys!
Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights has always been one of my favorite things ever in life to go to. I look forward to it every year, but unfortunately have missed it a couple times the last few years because of scheduling. Nonetheless, that love makes THIS year really cool, because the short film that Stephen Reedy, myself, Chris Saul, Dave Correia and the Zerofriends Crew made last December got NOMINATED FOR BEST SHORT HORROR FILM at this year's Halloween Horror Nights Film Festival! So awesome, as some amazing people Rob Zombie & John Murdy were the judges who picked the nominations!

There's only 24 hours to vote, and the voting is SUPER easy, no registration or anything, all you have to do, if you like the video, is click this link, check "The Winter Stalker", and hit VOTE! And then Christmas will win on Halloween! Yes please!

thank you so much! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

And here is the direct link:

And if you haven't seen the film, check it out now:

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Snafu Avatar My new Retail store opening in SF!

1:10 AM Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I basically grew up in retail stores. I spent a majority of my days as a kid tagging along with my parents to malls and Mervyn's and Gemco, hiding inside the clothing racks pretending I lived in some kind of fort made from magical stretch pants and blouses, barely able to refrain myself from tugging on my mom's pant leg screaming "THIS IS SOOOOO BORING" solely because there MIGHT be a chance that we could grace the maybe-haunted TOYS R US in Concord with our presence, and a slighter, but possible, chance that I could get another Stormtrooper figure or whatever newest He-Man villain was floating there on the racks. That is, if I behaved during the madness that was Marshall's & ROSS.
My love for malls and retail stores obviously grew on me as my first, and basically only job I had as a teenager, was working at K-B Toys in one of the smallest malls in history in Antioch, CA. I worked there for 9 years and, in all seriousness, the people-watching that occurred DID inspire me both emotionally and visually more than anything I ever participated in in high school, but that's an entire other set of a hundred stories that would make CLERKS look like a fucking episode of Friends in comparison.
Anyway, it seems I can't escape the allure of a beautiful retail store atmosphere. Our first venture into the retail world was by taking Zerofriends to New York for a few months, which went over INSANELY AMAZINGLY). So now, we have come back to our home base and are jumping into one of our favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Lower Haight. Joining a nice close-knit group of some great food, apparel, and art stores, like Upper Playground, 5024SF, Lower Haters & the ill BBQ spot Memphis Minnie's (sorry animals, I still like eating you for nutrition). Oh yah, and Walgreen's is right there too in case you need a lighter and some deodorant!
So yep, now you know. It's official. As of Wednesday, September 1, Zerofriends will be OPEN in San Francisco for 2 months! Here is the official info:

SEPT 1-NOV 1, 2010
248 Fillmore St (Haight & Fillmore, next to Upper Playground)
San Francisco, CA
Open Daily from 12-7PM

ALSO, (although it sounds like an oxymoron) WE ARE HAVING A SMALL-GRAND OPENING EVENT ON SATURDAY, SEPT 4 from 2-4PM. I will be hanging, signing, and making bad puns live in person. So come on down:)

And check up on the store every now and then if you are in the area, as, since it IS our homebase, we are going to have some good surprises. We have some secret artist singings & releases, movie-nights, and who knows, maybe we will just camp out there sometimes:) Hope to see you there!

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Snafu Avatar The Lonely Guy....

3:34 AM Sunday, August 8, 2010
We all get lonely. Period.
I do. You do. Married couples do. Polygamists do. Those Siamese Twin country singers that are joined at the head do. Hell, I bet even Eddie Brock and his symbiotic alien Venom suit get lonely for a few minutes a day when one of them is sleeping. It's a natural and constant emotion.
Loneliness is just a passing of time though. You get through it. Sometimes we can look at our watch and just wait it out. Sometimes we attempt to move it out of the way by replacing it with other things. Sometimes we sit and stare at the television or a book and attempt to lure it out of us with a combination of words and images that we hope will fool it into hiding for a while. Sometimes, we have no choice so we just force it down and hope that it doesn't vomit itself back up in the middle of the night while we are staring at the back of our eyelids, pretending that the sounds in our stomachs are coming from somewhere outside, struggling to put our arms in a comfortable position until one of them finally settles around the one half of the pillow that feels most human. Sometimes it does seem like it's possible to die from being lonely. Loneliness morphs into sadness. Sadness changes into lethargy, and the possibility of literally sinking into the earth from lack of love or friendship to keep you afloat seems very realistic every now and then. When the body of a suspected suicide victim can't be found, perhaps it's because they DID sink into the ground, adding their spirits to the ever growing "friend request list" of the planet. I mean….Earth must get lonely too, right.
I don't know.
There's certain things that are great about spending time with ourselves. But then again, there's certain things that make being completely alone a constant reminder of our insignificance as well. I have a funny story from today…but no one to tell it to. I hate this T.V. show, but no one to complain about it to. I can sleep alone. Or I can stay awake all night alone. Makes zero difference. I finally cooked by myself, but now I'm choking, and no one is here to help me…
Myself, along with the entire Zerofriends crew, understand some of the variable loneliness that we all feel. Which is why we wanted to reassure you that, though you may not know it, we supply you with a little extra cure for loneliness. Every one of our shirts is an individual living being, and every one of our shirts loves being wrapped around your torso, and loves listening to your stories. Every one of our shirts loves watching the movies you watch. Loves tasting the mustard that falls from a random bite of food. Loves sleeping on your floor next to you while you are in bed. Loves traveling with you, and basically….just loves being AROUND you.
And on that note, here's a little love letter to loneliness from us and Zerofriends' resident filmmaker, the amazing Stephen Reedy. Check it out, and then maybe head on over to the ZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE and grab a little torso-friend or 2. And remember, if you have ZEROFRIENDS, you always have at least ONE.

I'm gonna go lay down by myself. And my shirt:)

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Snafu Avatar New Interview up on JUXTAPOZ. Sucker Punch & More!

11:36 PM Monday, August 2, 2010

A really really nice, in-depth interview just went up on Juztapoz Magazine's site that TRINA CALDERON conducted with me while at Comic Con last week, all about my involvement in Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH, as well as Zerofriends and some other big stuffs:)

CLICK HERE or on either of the pics to go check it out!!

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Snafu Avatar 6 NEW CHARACTER POSTERS That I designed for Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH

6:42 PM Thursday, July 29, 2010
6 NEW CHARACTER POSTERS That I designed for Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH Just got unveiled at my favorite sic fi blog,
Click the poster to go see the rest of them!

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Snafu Avatar My full COMIC CON 2010 RECAP. Stabbings, Nerds, and LOVE!

1:17 AM Thursday, July 29, 2010

We came, we saw, we COMIC CON-QUERED.
SO LONG, COMIC CON 2010! The Dragons have left the building. And so have the eye-stabbers.
While the last 6 days of my life are more of a blur than Lindsay Lohan's vision behind the wheel, each of these 6 days was separately the best, most exciting, most humbling, and most unexpectedly successful Comic Con in my history. Which means, collectively, I can only describe them in a word that doesn't exist yet. Comic Con was simply, in a word, squigglicious. Times ten. It was the exact OPPOSITE of the last 6 days in Mel Gibson's life. And I am ok with that.
I wrote an epic sized blog and posted a ton of pics from the con over at my personal blog. Go check it out by CLICKING HERE or by CLICKING THE PHOTO OF ME AND THE BEAUTIFUL LADIES OF ZACK SNYDER'S "SUCKER PUNCH".

Snafu Avatar My FULL Comic Con Schedule

2:34 AM Tuesday, July 20, 2010
The amount of things I am releasing and my schedule is WAY too long and epic and insane to clutter up this page, but for reals, you should check it out, as there is A LOT of stuff going on at my booth this year, ZEROFRIENDS Booth #5502:)

Click here to go or click the photo of Bunnywith the scariest Captain America ever:)

Hope to see you there!

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4:15 AM Monday, July 5, 2010
I am proud to announce, Stephen Reedy x Zerofriends x Alex Pardee presenting our very first Public Service Announcement. More info soon. For now, enjoy:)

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11:32 AM Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This blog has been over 2 years in the making. So how do I start it? What one sentence could I use to introduce something that has forced me to feel so many different emotions, forced me to throw so many punches to fight for it's evolution, forced me to learn compromise, trust, genuine excitement, fear, and appreciation for sacrifice? I've thought a long time about what this first sentence should say the day that I write it. And I honestly don't think that there is any more accurate description for my feelings other than those felt the moment Henry Frankenstein maniacally raved that his creation, against all odds, in a world where he was thought to be a madman, raises its dead right hand….
So, in the words of the crazed Dr. Frankenstein, "IT'S ALIVEEE, IT'S ALLLLIVVVEEE, IT'S ALIIIIIIVVVVVVEEE!"

What do I mean by "It"?
Simply put, CHADAM: The Animated Series (which I created and have been slaving away at for 2 years) is now up and running with the first FIVE EPISODES APPEARING ONLINE AT THEWB.COM as of last night at 2AM.

It, indeed, has been a long ride, but I hope it is not even close to over. I will spare you the long-winded details of the exhilarating ride that it was, but now that it is released, expect some additional content and stories and stuff that I can now finally share after having to keep quiet for so long.

Please take a few minutes to watch the first episode, and if you enjoy it, there are already FIVE full episodes up, with the final 5 Episodes going live on June 22. As of now, there are no plans for any further distribution, like DVD or anything, so please let WB know somehow that you want to see it in other capacities! That's the only way it's gonna go anywhere. As with everything else I do, and we at Zerofriends do, we are the underdog, and we need your help and love! So please, help spread the word!
And a big thank you to our very small team of talent, patient and passionate artists and programmers and cheerleaders that helped bring Chadam to life.

Here are the FIRST EPISODE OF CHADAM: The Animated Series, and you will find a link to the rest of them below:)

Check out the rest of the episodes HERE!


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5:54 PM Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Myself, Jabba the Hutt, and a handful of products that were previously not available ANYWHERE online before now! CLICK ON JABBA TO CHECK OUT ALL OF THE MADNESS!

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10:46 PM Thursday, May 20, 2010
Dear lonely house of mine,
I have been home and working inside of you for a whopping 6 days in a row, and while you are semi-fun to hang out with, I think our relationship needs some variety, and some more time apart again. So, I am leaving you again for 3 days to go back down to LA to SOAK MY BRAINS AND EYEBALLS IN HORRRRROOOORRR!
Alexander M. Pardee, Wanderer of Highway 5

Yes! That is correct, sir (or ma'am), myself, along with Dave Correia & the Zerofriends Crew will be venturing down to Los Angeles tomorrow for the annual WEEKEND OF HORRORS convention at the MARRIOT by the Los Angeles Airport.
Fri., Sat. & Sun.
May 21-23, 2010
Marriott Los Angeles Airport
5855 West Century Blvd.
BOOTH #41 & 42

Click the banner for more info or here is the direct link:

Oh, and as an extended added little fun bonus, Dave and I will be doing a low-key ongoing ENCORE OF THE SKETCH 4 SKETCH tour at our booth the entire show! So, if you happen to be going to the convention, bring a sketch, or draw something there, and we will trade sketches one more time!!!

Now, will we have any new merchandise here? Why, it's delightful that you asked, because YES, we are releasing something BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

As you may or may not know, I am currently working on a book called "My Favorite Monsters" chronicling a lot of my old memories of horror movie monsters and their influences on my art, my imagination, and my pre-meditated murdering style, and I am painting quick watercolor portraits of them all for the book. So, to keep you updated on my progress, every few months we will be releasing a new set of unlimited collectable giclee prints of some of the monster paintings. The very first set, containing some definite classic iconic monsters, will be unveiled and released for sale this weekend at our booth (#41 & 42) at the Weekend Of Horrors event. They will be up for sale on ZEROFRIENDS.COM shortly after. Here is some more specific info:

Set #1 (9 different monsters)
By Alex Pardee
Each print in this unlimited set measures 5" x 7" and is printed with archival inks on Velvet Fine Art Paper.
Each print is hand signed by Alex Pardee.
Prints are available as a set or as individual pieces.

$10 each, or 3 for $25, or all 9 for $65

The first set contains the following monsters:

Also, you might see THIS GUY!!!

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12:36 PM Friday, May 14, 2010
"Dishes are DONE, dude." - 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'

Literally, my dishes ARE done. I realized the moment I walked in my door a couple of days ago, after almost a month on the road, that I forgot to do my dishes before we left in a hurry. Upon my return through the threshold, my house smelled like a bum's mouth and there was, for some reason, a pile of dead mosquito hawks blanketing most of the dishes like they had formed some kind of kamikaze suicide pact the moment they saw cereal crumbs. So after I channelled my inner Garfield and took one last bite of the month old lasagna that was caked to one of the bowls, I was left with no choice but to destroy my dishes and bury them in my Native American neighbor's cursed backyard in hopes that they will return as meaner, more aggressive dishes. But they didn't return, so I went to Target and bought new ones.

What I am trying to say is that THE SKETCH 4 SKETCH TOUR IS OFFICIALLY OVER AND WE ARE BACK HOME! And I wish I could cut my right hand off, clone it over a thousand times, and mail it to every one of you who came out and participated so I can high-five you personally. The tour was incredibly inspiring and we were all taken aback at how many of you guys came out to trade art with us. The turnout at some of the venues was so amazing that the line to trade sketches was over 8 hours long! But we are happy to say that we didn't leave anyone out. Dave and I stayed and sketched for everyone at every event. Sometimes even until 1 AM. So yes, in the sappiest, teary-eyed way imaginable, thank you all very very much. We are currently trying to figure out what to do with the overwhelming amount of awesome art that we got, and we are already planning to do this again next year bigger and badder, so stay tuned:)

Also a HUGE thank you to all of the guest artists that came out with us along the way, and to all of the artists and venues that participated and helped behind the scenes too, it was unreal and surreal. Inspiration = accomplished.

ADDITIONALLY, The RAFFLE drawing will be held on Wednesday, May 19th via our Ustream channel! And the winner will be announced the next day if you can't watch the live drawing.

A more thorough update will appear soon, but until I finish going through over a thousand photos and hours and hours of footage, click the picture below or CLICK HERE
and enjoy a small portion of the awesomeness that was "Sketch 4 Sketch".

All photos by Damon Alcorn & Stephen Reedy

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1:54 AM Tuesday, May 4, 2010
A last minute secret addition to the Sketch 4 Sketch tour was announced today. ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, in LOS ANGELES, along with myself, Dave Correia, superstar musician & artist Mickey Avalon, the one and only GREG "CRAOLA" SIMKINS will be joining us for the sketch exchange!
Get there early!!! We are also having a fully functioning ZEROFRIENDS POP UP RETAIL STORE at this location all day, with additional merchandise from TO DIE FOR, and more! never know who might pop in. Its LA!!
Here is the info for the LOS ANGELES SKETCH 4 SKETCH EVENT!

Zerofriends presents:
SKETCH4SKETCH: A Nationwide quest for shared inspiration.
Stopping in LOS ANGELES on MAY 5.
929 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4344
(213) 626-2261

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9:28 AM Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Hey, Alex, a couple of the good folk who came by the Atlanta Sketch4Sketch stop said you were starting to resemble Tom Hanks in Philadelphia and almost passed out in your own filmy drool while drawing them a picture of a bulldog with elephantiasis. What the fuck man, I thought you were kinda professional!??"

Well, mysterious quotable person, I will answer your questions with sentences that have question marks at the ends but aren't really questions:
1. We have so far travelled over 5000 miles by car in less than 2 weeks, slept less than The Machinist, stopped in 8 different cities and drawn close to a thousand drawings for artists of all ages who have been kind enough to grant us with some of THEIR art. Regardless of our near-perfect physiques, rigorous daily exercise routines, and military background, we recently hit a physical, mental & financial breaking point and had to figure out how to rearrange things in order to make it home alive. As now….it is survival?
2. What gave you the impression that we were professional? Was it my pink cosmetic bag? Or perhaps my proper use of the words "Dude" and "dick"?

So, with that lengthy desperate diatribe being typed, and though please understand that we have tried our hardest to accommodate the ridiculous overambitious schedule that I originally planned, we have officially made the rest of the SKETCH 4 SKETCH tour a little more spread out, a little smaller, but A LOT MORE FOCUSED. Yes, I know a lot of the places & cities that we promised we would be are not on this list, but let's make this tour finish strong so that NEXT time, we CAN spend a little time planning it out and get to stop in more cities, spend more time with you, and continue to soak up that inspiration that we are DEFINITELY receiving on this tour. I can describe everyone we have met (except for these dudes at a Taco Time in Omaha) as something that rhymes with "zamazing" and "rinspiring".

So, check out these dates, and click on the ones with links for a little more specific info about that venue. And, as usual, follow us on Twitter for any spontaneous secret stuff along the way:) Hint: what do Mickey Avalon, Jeremy Fish, Secret Treasures, Texas Chainsaws, Kevin Hayes, and N8 Van Dyke have in common? See below and get be-lown away!

Direct link to Follow Alex on Twitter:

Direct link to Follow DAVE on Twitter:

1120 S. Lamar Blvd.



14 West Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013-2568
(602) 264-8560

3PM-7PM (with guest famed photographer Kevin Hayes in the house!)
107 East Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 383-3133

We are temporarily taking over The R&R Gallery in downtown LA and setting up a full ZEROFRIENDS store for 24 hours ONLY. The Sketch4Sketch event will happen there!
SKETCH 4 SKETCH EVENT (With Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, guest artist MICKEY AVALON, PLUS maybe more secrets: it IS Los Angeles. I have to be shady about it!): 1PM-4PM

220 Fillmore St
San Francisco, California 94117
(415) 861-1960

Remember: You bring a sketch, or ANY kind of YOUR OWN art to us, and we will exchange it for a sketch that we do on the spot for you! (please keep in mind that because of the turnouts, which have been insane, we can only promise a quick sketch!:)
Also, we have raffle tickets for sale that are helping to fund our trip, as well as some other mercy like shirts and prints. Get on it!:)
For more info on the tour itself, the raffle, and all those good intentions, CLICK HERE.

We will see you there hopefully!!!!

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Snafu Avatar Mitchell Davis, Skinner Davis, & the first day of Tour-Davis (kinda).

11:03 PM Thursday, April 15, 2010
Hey everyone, so, in the midst of stressful packing, booking, washing (kinda), working, and sweating before we leave tomorrow morning for the "Sketch 4 Sketch" Tour, a surprise little 10-minute interview video got put up on over on YouTube Superstar Mitchell Davis' channel!

If you aren't familiar with Mitchell Davis, the dude is a rockstar. He has an insanely popular personal YouTube channel that gets like a bajillion hits a day due to his charming and funny A.D.D.-riddled comedy videos. Though we have known each other for a little while, he lives in Ohio and I had never officially met him....until he showed up on my doorstep with a Flip Cam, a smile, and a new haircut. This is what occurred in the minutes following his entrance. Enjoy:)

Tomorrow, Friday, the first official day of the tour, we will be appearing at the SACRAMENTO UPPER PLAYGROUND around 4 or 5PM until around 7PM, with SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST SKINNER!, who will be joining us for the sketch exchange! Hope to see you there!

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Snafu Avatar Want to exchange sketches and get me to paint in your house???

7:34 PM Monday, April 12, 2010

HEY!! Want to win a chance for myself and Dave Correia to come paint a mural in your room? Or maybe you would rather just collaborate on a canvas with us in your studio? Or, better yet, maybe you want me to prove to you in person that I eat horribly, have terrible taste in movies and get really nervous when I have to draw on demand Then keep reading, as that is going to happen to one of you, whether you like it or not…
…but hopefully you like it.

to go view all of the details of the HUGE U.S. TOUR called SKETCH 4 SKETCH that I just announced. I hope to see some of you!

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Snafu Avatar Literally follow me....

12:54 PM Sunday, April 11, 2010
So, if you aren't already, and you have any interest in treasure, adventure, mystical powers, (did i mention treasure?), then I suggest you start following me on Twitter, because, like....big things are afoot. HERE IS MY ACCOUNT.

Direct link:

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Snafu Avatar Seattle & LA Shows this weekend! And new paintings!

12:14 PM Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Huge upcoming Weekend Update (without Dennis Miller, but with ME instead): check out the info here:

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Snafu Avatar Re-designing "THE USED"

7:51 PM Monday, March 1, 2010
6 years ago I was first contacted to become the art director for The Used. One of the first things we collaborated on was a new logo for them. After bouncing a ton of ideas back and forth like a 5 person game of art-pong, we decided on a good direction and their new logo was born. This one:

As many of you have seen this before, this has been a staple icon for The Used for over 5 years, and I couldn't be more proud to have something that I designed represent them so steadily for that long. Now grab your rotary phone, call up Ol' Crazy Doc Brown, scoop up your Valterra skateboard, jump in your Delorian and set the date to March 1, 2010.
Last week I got the chance to catch up with the guys, and we all agreed that so many things have changed in all of us over the course of those 5 years, that it was time for a little remodeling. More specifically, in the Heart Department. Once again, we played creative ping-pong for a few days and then, just like old times, decided on a good direction and I went off and ran naked through a field of sketching. And the final result is a nice little rebirth of the old logo. So here it is, my new updated logo for The Used:

And for an evolution of the old and the new, here they are holding hands:

And lastly part 1, a little detail:

And lastly part 2, the original really rough concept sketch:


Oh, and it looks like you can already buy a shirt with this new logo on it ONLINE AT THE USED'S MERCH STORE!

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Snafu Avatar "BLOODBATH" Remix Contest Announced. Rules here!

12:17 PM Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Good morning, lovers.
In celebration of our favorite day of the year, Tuesday, February 23, Zerofriends is kicking off this magical day with a new interactive contest full of blood and slow-motion.
But first, let's take a look at what makes Feb 23rd so awesome:
Feb 23, 1455: Johannes Gutenberg prints 1st book, The Bible
Feb 23, 1886: London Times publishes its first classified ad. Craigslist is a close second 110 years later.
Feb 23, 1940: Walt Disney releases "Pinocchio". Old men all over the world fantasize about secretly building a little boy.
Feb 23, 2003: John Mayer finally wins a Grammy! SO RAD!
Ok, now that you know why we love Feb 23 more than any other date in history, let's get on to the contest!

Please read everything carefully!

As you may or may not have seen, Stephen Reedy (director of "The Winter Stalker") directed a fun Zerofriends commercial for us a few weeks ago called "BLOODBATH", which you can watch (if you haven't already, right beneath this colon:

If that doesn't show up, you can view it at this direct link here:

NOW, here is where you need to really start paying attention. Using the same exact footage from the original "Bloodbath" video, Stephen Reedy & Jenn Horvath remixed the shit out of it and gave it a completely different happy feeling! Watch:

Direct link to view video:

So what does this have to do with you or the contest? Well, here are your answers and information:

I present the Zerofriends "BLOODBATH REMIX" Contest:)
Object: Use the same exact, uncut video footage that Stephen used to create the original "Bloodbath" commercial to create a new, fun, original Zerofriends commercial to spread around like cream cheese.

Official rules of the contest:

1. Download the original, uncut Quick Time files for use in the contest HERE
Direct link to download files:

2. Play around with the video footage using anything you have access to. Add sound, music, voice-overs, narration, graphics. Make it funny, scary, musical, graphical...color it, conjure up your inner Michel Gondry, do ANYTHING YOU WANT, just make it awesome. You don't have to use all the clips. In fact, if you only use 1 clip, that's alright. The only restriction is that you make sure it's a commercial for
3. Upload your video to your own YouTube channel, and post it as a RESPONSE to the original "BLOODBATH" video. To assure that we do see the video, you should additionally email the direct link to your video on YouTube to
4. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 7, 2010. The winners will be notified via email and announced on Friday, March 12, 2010.
Grand Prize: $250 Gift Certificate to (Or to our Retail Store in NY).
Three Runners up: $50 Gift Certificate to (Or to our Retail Store in NY).
How to win: Grand Prize winner will be OUR FAVORITE video, plain and simple. We will be judging SOLELY on CREATIVITY. Nothing else. Not quality of equipment used, or on the amount of time and money you spend on it. Simply creativity. That's what we love and that's what we are.
The Three Runners Up will be chosen based on VIEWS. The 3 top highest-viewed videos will be awarded the runners up prize. That means you should pimp out your video as much as possible!

SO GO GET CREATIVEEEEEEE. More importantly, have fun.

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Snafu Avatar Quentin Tarantino & I Are Basterds!

5:22 PM Tuesday, February 16, 2010
"...and through our cruelty they will know who we are."
- Lt. Aldo Raine, "Inglourious Basterds"

I've been sitting on a throne of Nazi secrets....kinda.
One of the most fun, most intricate, and digitally-bloodiest projects I've worked on in a while has finally been unveiled (above).
SA Studios Global's Film Marketing Division has teamed up with Quentin Tarantino, 12 Artists, Upper Playground and The Weinstein Company to present, "THE LOST ART OF INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS". And I am lucky enough to be one of those Basterds.
The above print, along with 11 other ultra-limited (ONLY EDITIONS OF 6!) prints, signed by Quentin Tarantino, will be exhibited this Thursday, Feb 18th At The Upper Playground Art Gallery in LA from 6-9 PM.
Here is the press release and info about the show and the charity involved, and below is some of my personal thoughts and details about the piece, which is easily my favorite art I have created in years.


SA Studios Global's Film Marketing Division has teamed up with Quentin Tarantino, Upper Playground and The Weinstein Company to present, THE LOST ART OF INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

On February 18th, 2010 from 6p - 9p the world will get to preview and purchase the “Lost Art of Inglorious Basterds” at The Upper Playground Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. All proceeds from this program will be donated to The American Red Cross to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.

This creative team has assembled the following select group of accomplished artists, David Choe, Sam Flores, Estevan Oriol, Grotesk, Jeremy Fish, Patrick Martinez, Alex Pardee, Dora Drimalas, Munk One, N8 Van Dyke, Rene Alamanza, Morning Breath and Skinner Davis, to create their own poster art based off their interpretation of the Oscar Nominated film, “Inglourious Basterds” artwork.

Each print will be numbered and signed by Quentin Tarantino. Only six (6) of each amount will be made.

The gallery will open will be open to the general public from 6p – 9p on Thursday February 18th, 2010 at Upper Playground Los Angeles located at 125 East 6th Street in Downtown LA. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the limited edition prints for $300. The prints are only available for purchase at Upper Playground, Los Angeles. Phone orders and web orders will not be accepted. Prints will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The purchase of prints will be limited to one per buyer.

You can view all of the other posters

Direct link to see all posters:

And now on to my ranting about the piece...
From start to finish, working on a "Basterds" image was easily the most fun I have had creating art in years. And because of that, it was one of the most time consuming.
The image I chose to create depicts, in simple terms, a vengeful Jewish-American slicing the neck of a Nazi soldier. However, every aspect of the composition, subject matter, and execution of the art was carefully planned out and all of elements fit perfectly within Tarantino's "Basterds" universe.
I chose to personify the Jewish-American soldier as a Bald Eagle not only because the Eagle is one of the most symbolic icons used in representing the United States, but the soldier, as a victim of Naziism, has been transformed from a humble man into a vengeful "bird of prey". In addition, with the Jewish population becoming the victims of an impending Genocide before and during WW2, in a way, Jewish citizens were, as a whole, becoming and "endangered species", much like the Bald Eagle.
The Nazi soldier is depicted, simply, as a Demon, complete with green skin and "blonde" horns.
Upon slicing the next of the Demon, gallons and gallons of monstrous, hate-filled blood pours out, revealing and representing years of anti-semitism, oppression, and a distaste for "parasitic races" (a term used to define other races by the Nazis, and the inspiration for the gore to resemble parasites). The Swastika appearing in the blood is simply a representation that this execution encompasses the whole Nazi regime, not just the one individual demon.
Though the backdrop of the film is World War 2, I created a more intimate composition between 2 characters rather than a large scale epic war scene because Tarantino's film is a much more character-driven film with smaller, more intimate encounters and conversations. However, we CAN see the Paris skyline in the background, as well as a small flag being waved in the distance, most likely a Nazi flag as the Nazis have occupied France during this time.
And if you look closely, the sky is filling with more eagles, foreshadowing that the Nazi's reign may be coming to an end soon.

Here are some random detail and in progress shots of the piece, as I seriously wanted this to be the most detailed piece I've ever done. Don't know if I succeeded, but I had fun. Now that I think about it, that's probably how Jamie Kennedy describes his career. Cool, I finally have something in common with him:)

Anyway, check out the details, check out the other posters, and come down tot he show if you are in LA. I will be there drinking root beer and floating around so say whattup! word.

During the original sketch phase, I wanted to make the Jewish-American more of a humanoid wearing a makeshift Eagle costume, but it made more sense to just go ahead and make him an actual eagle.

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Snafu Avatar New York Retail Store and NEW BLOODY FUN SHORT FILM!

10:04 AM Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zerofriends, as an impressive clan of Death Knights (and art-based merchandise creators) has been spending countless hours slaying Bog Beasts and Quilboars, and finally, WE ARE LEVELING UP!!!

In an exciting advancement in our social networking, ZEROFRIENDS is officially opening a RETAIL STOREFRONT in NEW YORK!!!
Thanks to the fine folk at Upper Playground, Zerofriends will be temporarily taking over the Upper Playground NY Retail location from Jan 30 thru April 30!!

What does that mean?
Well, it means that we now have more Hit Points, more Mana, better armor, and more fun.
It also means that if you live in the NY area, you can get a chance to check out our stuff in person, as we will be taking over the entire store and we will have everything that is available online in the store, plus some secret extra stuff from time to time. We will be carrying a few extra items from some of the other Zerofriends artists like Skinner & Craola, along with some original art, prints, shirts, and all that other soft stuff that we sell. Also we hope to be hosting a couple of cool little events during our stay in New York.

As of now, we are going to be having a small opening event on Saturday, January 30, where I will be signing for a couple of hours and hanging out all day hoping to meet some folk that might be nice enough to welcome us to the neighborhood:) More specific info will come soon!!!

Here is the information about the store, which Sean Leopard, above, can be seen and stalked 24 hours a day after we open, as he is the new leader of our NY clan and will assist you with all of your retail needs, unless those needs are involved with anything bathroom related:

437 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009-4935

"But wait...that's not ALL!!!"

To show everyone that even if you don't live in NY to check out the store, you still deserve to witness some new ONLINE AWESOMENESS for your eyeballs courtesy of Zerofriends Film's director Stephen Reedy (director of the Winter Stalker)!
Check out this new "Bloodier-Than-Hostel" beautiful creepy short Zerofriends spot Written and Directed by Stephen Reedy! And, much like the cool contest we had alongside the Winter Stalker, I encourage you to pay close attention to this video as there will be another, WAY DIFFERENT, contest with a cool prize getting announced around February 4:)
Until then... ENJOY THE FILM!!! Hope to see you in NY!

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Snafu Avatar Team Conan, Help Haiti, and SMILE!!!

7:23 PM Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello all.
I will keep this short and sweet. Though I haven't caught the show as often as I would have liked to over the years, there is no question that Conan O'Brien. with his offbeat, awkward, smart and hilarious rise to Late Night stardom, is one of our generation's most consistently perfect comedic personalities. His Late Night show, I'm sure in more ways than one, influenced my love for nonsensical humor in the 90's, with characters like Pimpbot 5000, R2-Mr.T2, Triumph, & The Masturbating Bear, there wasn't much on network television that was so blatantly DUMB, while being simultaneously INTELLIGENT somehow. So yes, I am officially on TEAM CONAN. To see someone work so hard to finally reach his goal deservedly and almost immediately get that trophy stripped away because of other people's poor decisions is a little heart-wrenching. So, just to show a little support, I wanted to do a fun little drawing to pass around that combines both my support and love for Conan, as well as a little nod to ANOTHER icon that molded my artistic view in the 80's and 90's: VCJ's "THE RIPPER". The Ripper, along with VCJ's other skateboard art pretty much DEFINED skateboard art alongside Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips. If you aren't familiar with THE RIPPER, check out this video of an entire art show dedicated to it:

Anyway, I am rambling.
So yah, I drew this little Team Conan drawing to let off a little steam. While I was doing so, the earthquakes hit Haiti. There is no joke or lighthearted comment that can make the dire situation in Haiti seem any less catastrophic than it is. But there is always a little that we can do to help out those in need from afar in a tragedy like this. So, in a small attempt at trying to help out a little bit, I decided to print up this TEAM CONAN design on shirts and prints, and then we (ZEROFRIENDS) will donate a portion of the profits to YELE-HAITI ( ), an amazing organization that is helping out the current situation in Haiti more than we can imagine. So please pick up one of these items and A) show your support for CONAN! and B) Know that some of your hard-earned money is going to help out a little bit;)
Additionally, you can help out more than this by visiting YELE's website and donating there as well! It's easy. Just click this banner!:

Check out the pics of the TEAM CONAN items, and click on any of the pics to view & purchase!
Direct link to purchase the TEAM CONAN PRINT:
Direct link to purchase the TEAM CONAN SHIRT:


Alex Pardee

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Snafu Avatar Instead of AVATAR....

10:10 PM Monday, December 21, 2009
I present....
Films I would have rather seen instead of AVATAR.



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Snafu Avatar THE "CONVICTION" CONTEST BEGINS NOW! Details details details:)

11:24 AM Friday, December 18, 2009

As promised, here are the rules & details on how to win one of TEN "Spirit Of Conviction" Signed and Numbered Artist Proof Prints:

Each day, at 10 AM Pacific US Time, Starting today, December 18th, I will propose a simple question that can only be answered by watching "THE WINTER STALKER" video that I put up yesterday. Didn't see it??? No problem, here it is right here:

Now, that was fun, right?
OK, so, follow these instructions CLOSELY:
1. I will ask ONE simple question about "The Winter Stalker" video each day. Each day the question will be different.
2. Watch the video, get the answer in your head.
3. Wait until as close as possible to the PACIFIC STANDARD time being 12:25:09 PM.
4. Send an email to ZEROFRIENDSCONTESTS@GMAIL.COM containing the following:
*YOUR FULL MAILING ADDRESS (failure to include things like zip codes or states will disqualify you)
5. Wait patiently. If you dont here from me by 3 PM Pacific time, you didnt win. BUT you can try again the next day.
Each day for 5 days there will be TWO winners per day. You can only WIN once, but you can enter each day.
Each winner will receive ONE 17" x 22" Signed and numbered ARTIST PROOF Print of "THE SPIRIT OF CONVICTION".

Good luck:)

See ya tomorrow with question #2:)
Here is the prize btw.

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12:24 PM Thursday, December 17, 2009
"Hello, Katie...Did you know I've been...watching you?"

I know I promised you all something, so, therefore, the chase is being cut to. NOW. I know I said noon. But I got anxious. And besides, though I can't be sure, it's probably noon somewhere.

Here are detailed instructions/orders for your eyes, ears and brain:

Step 1:

"The Winter Stalker" By Stephen Reedy & Alex Pardee from ZerofriendsFilms on Vimeo.

Direct link to film on Vimeo:
Direct link to film on YouTube if you are on your phone:

Step 2:

Digitally pass this film around to everyone you love like Tommy Wisseau's football. Warning: I will be able to tell if you did NAWWT pass it around. And I might like you less. Probably not, but maybe.

Step 3: Watch it again. And this time PAY ATTENTION. "Well, golly. Why? Is there going to be a darn quiz or somethin'?" YES, Beaver, there is. In fact, there are going to be FIVE QUIZZES. Over the next 5 days.

Step 4: Come back here TOMORROW, FRIDAY, December 18th, @ 10 AM (Pacific US Standard Time) and learn about a 5-Times-In-A-Lifetime Contest that revolves around this insanely awesome film. If you can't make it tomorrow, come the following day. That's right, over the next FIVE (5) DAYS you will have a new chance to win ONE OF THESE:

Yep, your suspicions were correct! I am releasing 10 ARTIST PROOFS of a BRAND NEW COLORWAY of the Escaped Conviction Print. The Artist Proofs for this new colorway are now called "The Spirit Of Conviction" and there are only TEN (10) ARTIST PROOFS BEING RELEASED. Over the next 5 days, by coming back to this blog, or following me on Twitter ( ), etc, you will learn how to try to WIN ONE OF THE 10 Signed and Numbered ARTIST PROOFS (A.P's) of "The Spirit Of Conviction"! Being one of the TEN WINNERS is the ONLY way to get your hands on one of these new Artist Proof X-Mas Colorway prints. So please, come back. Meanwhile, study "The Winter Stalker"!

See ya tomorrow:)


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Snafu Avatar Where I have gone

11:26 AM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Hello. I am sure some of you are happy i have been missing. In reality, i moved twice, traveled a lot for work and then got pneumonia. I will try to post more again as soon as possible, as well as put up some new bunnywith cartoons as it bums me out that I haven't. but regardless, I still wanted to inform you of something in a completely non-awkward personal video. Semi-enjoy!

Direct link to video:

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Snafu Avatar Over 200 pics from my "NORMALS" art experience!

3:30 PM Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I just put up a HUGE re-cap with a link to over 200 photos of my recent Halloween art show in LA, "Hiding from the Normals"!


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Snafu Avatar "NORMALS" Art Show art up to view and purchase!

1:49 PM Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a quick update. I went right from my art show to shooting our very first commercial for Zerofriends, but I will get a full update with photos (shot by Jon Dragonette, who took the above portrait) and all that good stuff about the show as soon as I get back to the land of the living, but as for now, all of the original pieces, as well as the book, the print, and the shirt, are available to purchase and view HERE NOW!

Direct link to view or purchase art:


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Snafu Avatar My Huge LA Horror/Halloween show!!!

3:28 AM Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Hello you all.
It's Monday night. I just got to LA and am in a swanky little Ramada Inn above a diner called Whispers where it's either legal to still smoke inside, or the multiple-personalitied bowlers that took over the place just don't give a shit. Either way, it's pretty rad. For the next 24 hours I will be setting up and installing my largest, most focused solo art show that I have ever created.

The show is called "Hiding From The Normals" and it takes place at GALLERY 1988 in LA (on Melrose & La Brea). (Its all ages, free of charge;)

I haven't said much about it, and unfortunately, i still don't WANT to say much about it, because I really really want you to be able to get a new experience if you are able to go check it out when it opens this Tuesday, October 6 @ 7pm.

However, with so much cool stuff going on in LA constantly, I would like to let you in on a little info and background surrounding the show, because it's a little different than my other shows, and there's A LOT to it.

Here's a few, short secrets that will hopefully get you excited about coming by to check out the show:

1. The entire show is based off of the beliefs of a man who recently went missing in real life. The man was a supposed crackpot and believes that there is another world living under ours filled with mutants. It is not known if this man is still alive or not.

2. In addition to creating paintings inspired by this missing man's beliefs, I have managed to get my hands on some actual evidence supporting the existence of this world. The evidence and some of his notes & sketches will be showcased alongside of the artwork.

3. I have recently become obsessed with this world that I jumped into, and I really hope that this showcase generates some interest in this universe called "The Marrow" so that this whole underworld can be expanded into something larger, like a film or an animated feature (hint, hint). So if you can't make it out to the show, but know anyone in the area, send them down!!

4. There will be BOTH a super limited PRINT release, as well as a limited CATALOG/BOOK release, called "Digging Up The Marrow: Excerpts from the Journals of William Dekker" Prints are signed and limited to 50. Books signed and limited to 200.

3. Because of the theme/inspiration and the time of the year, i am taking full advantage of October, which means that I am dressing up! And we are encouraging people to dress up in awesome costumes, both so I don't feel super stupid and outcast, AND because there is a cool prize for THE BEST COSTUME (judged by me:). I think it would be cool to have 2 winners, a BEST GIRL & A BEST GUY, so let's do that. Come dressed up!!!!!

4. In conjunction with MY show, at G1988, right next store, at the same time, the insanely awesome writer/director Mike Dougherty is hosting his DVD release costume party for his new anthology horror film, "Trick R Treat" which is Also, as a little extra fun thing, I teamed up with Mike this week and drew up some Trick R Treat art that we are releasing at my show as a Limited shirt! (I think there's less than a hundred of them available)

5. This show is going to be my LAST solo show for over a year. I will be participating in a few group shows, but 2010 is going to be full of some different kind of adventures:) Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are a few glimpses of the work from the show. But trust me, you need to come see it in person. Myself, Dave Correia, Paul Bustamante, Damon Alcorn, and Jensen & The Gallery 1988 crew have worked really hard to put together a show that pictures just won't do justice to. But nonetheless, I will take a ton of photos and try to share them with ya soon! Word.


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Snafu Avatar I need your help for a Zerofriends Video Project!

6:07 PM Monday, September 21, 2009
Hey everyone.
So, a lot of exciting things in the mix for the upcoming months.
However, for one of these exciting things, i REALLY REALLY need some help from a few of you on a really small but cool project that is a pretty big milestone in my life.

So if you can or want to help with anything below, it would be greatly appreciated:)

Here's the info:
Zerofriends (My clothing/art company) is producing and filming our very first COMMERCIAL! And not just a shitty little handheld web-cam style one, either. A small team of us have made large sacrifices to get a great team of people involved in this to make the project even bigger and something that I am extremely excited about producing.

The upside: Projects like this are always fun, creative, and learning experiences since we rarely know what we are doing going into them. This time is a little different because of the talented people we have involved in it:)
The downside: Much like everything else that I do, and that Zerofriends does, we are completely financed by our own money, love and sacrifice. So the main downside is that there is no money available to pay for the remaining positions and roles that still need to fill, which is where you come in, as I would love it if any of you would be available and want to help with the project in whatever way you can.

Here are more details:
If you can and will help with any of the following, please send an EMAIL to and someone will help coordinate with you from there.

WHAT: Zerofriends video/commercial.
When: October 11, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA (tentative)
Written & Directed by: Stephen Reedy (He made Undercut, which is awesome, and he directed House Pardee with me & Shia, as well as the Letters From Digested Children video, and a ton of other things. AKA he's awesome)

MUST BE 18 or older.
Must live in or around the Los Angeles area and have your own transportation to and from the location. (Location is most likely going to be around Burbank, CA (subject to change)
Must be available for all of the time that you set up with the production manager, who you will be in contact with.
Must be OK with getting a little dirty if things get a little messy:)

What we are looking for:
Actress: 18-25, some experience required, emphasis on comedy. there will be some physical activity, like running around, etc. Headshot and reel encouraged.

Actor: 18-25, some experience required, emphasis on comedy. Headshot and reel encouraged

Make-up / Hair: General make-up for both male and female, but there will also be a small amount of gore and practical effects, so some experience in practical effects is encouraged.

Art Director: In general, we need someone to help art direct a living room being transformed into a girl's bedroom, as well as a few random things regarding effects, puppets, etc.

As I said before, i apologize that none of these positions will be paid positions, but there will be food there, and it will be a fun day of madness. Additionally, it's a chance for both you (AND MYSELF) to work with some really talented and creative people.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send an email to

Thank you mucho!!!

And just for fun, here is an old pic of Paul, Myself, and Director Stephen Reedy with balls on him.:)

I look forward to seeing you at the shoot.

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Snafu Avatar Huge announcement for people who like huge announcements!

12:11 PM Monday, September 14, 2009
So, on MY TWITTER ACCOUNT over the weekend I mentioned that I was gearing up for a big announcement this morning. And, while YES, i do believe this is a big announcement, I have been so flustered lately that I think i might have actually already announced this casually last week, but I don't remember. Regardless, here is the big news:

I am sneaking in and having a HUGE solo art show at Gallery 1988 in LA on October 6th!

Why is this news so big, you ask?
Well, for me, personally, it's huge because i've been a fan of every artist that Gallery 1988 has shown in the last 5 years and to be included in that roster is amazing.
Also, because I refuse to do anything the easy way, we aren't just having an art show, we are having a PARTY! It's the first (and probably only for a long time) chance I get to have a big art show in LA, around HALLOWEEN! And with Halloween being my favorite holiday, i am jumping on that shit like Marmaduke on the mailman!

A Celebration Of Rejects
New Works By Alex Pardee
7020 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Oct 6 @ 7PM

About the theme of the show:
"Throughout our history, every generation contains a large handful of children born, well...different. Over the years, these children have been plastered with inhumane labels by the "normal" citizens: Rejects. The Unwanted. Monsters. Freaks. Untrainable. Ghastly, and Ghoulish, to name a few. And in every generation, these children attempt to thrive, grow, and co-exist amongst the Normals. However, they're always met with such distaste, that many of these "Rejects" all appear to disappear by the time they're 10 years old. "Most likely", said Jon Higgus, an old carpenter back in the 1950's, "they die from a broken spirit. And good riddance, too." 

Though the Rejects are chemically no different from the Normals, no one questions where they go. No one misses their company. No one even notices that they have vanished. 

Well, they don't exactly die...or even vanish, for that matter.
They simply move out of the light. And out of the cruelty.

In every city, big or small, 100 yards beneath the cemetery, lies a small metropolis, shut off to the world of normality. A city that parallels the world above in many aspects. There are families. There are occupations. There is passion. There are quarrels. There are pets. There is creativity. There is love. And there is jealousy. But the one thing that doesn't exist in these underground worlds is judgement of appearance. For all of these "monsters" had found refuge in these secret worlds for the very same reason as one another. Their misshapen heads, abnormally hairy bodies, large eyes, snout-like noses, extra limbs, enormous skeletons, bad skin, and crippled joints were too much for a vain, appearance-obsessed world to handle with anything other than disgust. Sad, alone, and weak, the Rejects retreat to these oases to find friendship and purpose, un-judged by vanity. Here in these metropolises, they thrive, creating worlds and cities so beautiful that most Normals would weep at the sight of them. But not one Normal has ever seen one of these places. Most don't even know they exist.

Throughout the year, the Rejects live their own form of "normal" lives, night by night. But for one day a year, on October 31st, when the rest of the Normal world above is celebrating their arrogance by PRETENDING to dress up as something ugly, the Rejects ascend upon the world of the Normals, unnoticed by most, and come out to play, celebrating in their own ways....

Some rejoice.
Some observe.
Some dance.
Some laugh.
Some sing.
But some Rejects take out a little...frustration.

This Halloween, you may want to take a second look at the "costumed" person sitting next to you holding a knife and a pint of ale....

Happy Halloween.
Rejects, Rejoice."

More info in the next week or so, but we are going to be doing some cool shit for the opening, so be sure to check back or follow me on twitter @ to keep up with the announcements and my progress for the show. I am working day in and day out on a brand new collection of monsters and messes for the show.

Hope to see you there!

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Snafu Avatar 2 Days @ Dragon Con = Lifetime of Memories

8:15 PM Sunday, September 6, 2009

There's a weird stereotype that floats around about the people in the south having a slower lifestyle, but I just sat down, slumped in the couch, sorted through about 500 photos, and stared blankly at the TV as Robert Osbourne introduced "The Karate Kid" on TCM, where he described Ralph Macchio as a "high schooler who has to learn some "karate chops" from his old asian janitor who has a liking for collecting cars", and I feel SO much slower right now than anything i witnessed in the last 48 hours in Atlanta, GA. Because from what I can tell, whether it was the 50,000 people wearing the same colored t-shirts, transforming downtown into a giant tailgate party for their college football game, or the bars overflowing with jeweled-out 3-6-Mafia dopplegangers and bowel-shaking basslines, or the 600 stormtroopers wrestling with Steampunk Jawas in front of the Marriot, it was obvious that people from the south just like to rage. Fast, long, and hard. And that ruled.

As i had said before, I have always wanted to go to Dragon-Con as a fan of everything nerdy, but because of it being so far away, I never really had the chance. But HOLY SHIT, after only spending 2 days there just now, i have to warn you, if you become a part of my life in any significant way, and try to stop me from going back every year, i'm cutting you off!

The first time I went to the San Diego Comic Con, back in 1999, I had this same feeling. Completely caught by surprise, unexpectedly overflowing with blood of excitement from entering a brand new parallel universe filled with living versions of things loved but had only previously seen in 2-dimensions. But, over the years, as Comic Con grew, and became over-saturated with the general public just wanting to see what was going on, and corporations hosting private parties and hiking up prices and blah blah blah, now Comic Con is simply a place to see some friends once a year (if you are lucky enough to even cross paths with them) and the feeling i get, as a fan, isn't the same as it used to be. Because of that, I kind of lost a little excitement about going to conventions. I mean, if the biggest genre convention in the world was giving me a headache...

Enter Dragon Con 2009.
And enter me being a 12-year old again.
I know, realistically, i will never experience this same, unexpected feeling again, even when I go back next year. But regardless, that old, circa-1999 Comic Con feeling rushed back into me like the ebola virus this past weekend, and I couldn't be happier.

THE GOOD about Dragon-Con:
* EVERY person that attends is a genuine fan of something there. there is NO ONE who "just wants to see" what's going on as doesn't want to "be caught" going there.

* 90% of the people dressing up MAKE their own costumes. Fuck that store-bought shit, they spend all year making costumes that rival any of the things they are replicating.

* Most of the people in costumes aren't even dressed up as something that EXISTS in pop-culture anywhere. Instead, they just make some shit up, give themselves a story, and roam around like they own the world.
ME: "Oh cool, Boba Fett, but like...why are you wearing a crown and have a zombie-hand and a sword?"
BF: "Because I'm not Boba Fett, I am simply a Mandalorian named Brattin Fott who has discovered time travel and teleportation and have traveled many lands to earn the title of King. Oh, and one time I died in Europe so I had to be resurrected but the resurrection spell kinda failed so my hand stayed decomposed."
ME: "I love you."

* There are no "convention center" rules and regulations. No security guards telling people to grow up. The hotels that host the event just LET YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. And EVERY person there drinks and rages and parties-out their frustrations. The closest term i can use to describe Dragon Con would simply be "Nerdi Gras". I mean, shit, there was a stormtrooper playing bagpipes, I watched the Big Daddy from Bioshock fall over into a vase and break it while his Little Sister held his giant drill-hand, we saw a Chewbacca with angel wings puking in the hotel fountain, i saw Morgana from Darkstalkers get fingered on an escalator, my friend Kiersten was basically raped by 2 aliens on ecstasy but it looked like the most fun rape ever. So yah, that shit ruled.

* And, unlike comic con, i DID actually get to see and hang with old friends and had a chance to make new ones, and meet new people and artists that I couldn't even get close to before at Comic Con. It was intensely inspiring.


So, without any further banter, here are some of the more decent photos from my 2 days the event. Unfortunately, out of over 500 pictures, my excitement level was obviously apparent because most of them were blurry as fuck. But my memories are CRYSTAL...

The ZEROFRIENDS crew in our hotel room, a few hours before the con, AKA the night before my mind was blown. From Left to right: Kiki, Sean Leopard, Darren, Meggie, covered with a ME blanket.

The night consisted of an intense Connect 4 tourney, which Darren from Zerofriends dominated. But i came in a close LAST.

"NOW," says this guy-thing, "time for COOONNNNN.....babay."

Look that me and 2 dudes in "Dumb & Dumber" costumes? NO! It's me and ONE dude in a Jim Carrey costume and a CARDBOARD CUTOUT in the middle. seriously, how perfect is this shit? Its cardboard! I let dude join Cardboard City as the ambassador, as it only seemed right.

Sean Leopard, who politely "assed" her if he could take a photo with her.

STEAM PUNK ROCK with myself and the lovely miss Tara McPherson.

Chris Ryniak and I with our great old friends at TOYBREAK, who recently did a cool review of my Walrus Rider Toy on their show!

At the Zerofriends booth.

Signing some Homesick books.


I got lost in this dudes outfit for like 24 minutes, but upon my escape, he let me take a photo with him. We may or may not have totally hooked up later.

Decorated (or ruined) some clothing and accessories for fans.

OK, so, this chick, whose name was PERRY, claimed to be named after her Grandfather, Raymond Burr, who played PERRY MASON in that show...umm...PERRY MASON back in the early 60's. Perry Mason was my Mom's favorite show, and she even watched all of the reruns nonstop when I was growing up. So i wanted to impress my mom and take a picture with this girl and show it to my Mom. Turns out though (I usually research the shit out of things before i blog because of cases like this), that PERRY MASON WAS GAY, never had any kids! Hence, no grandkids. I feel scammed. Even though she DOES look just like him circa the 60's. I'm sorry Mom, maybe next time.

Head-crab FTW.

Meggels can't believe that Darren is pretending to be in college.

Myself and Friend/Art/rock/Earth-Goddess Tara McPherson, who we were lucky enough to get a booth next to and chill with amongst the chaos. If you aren't familiar with Tara's work, you should check out her WEBSITE HERE. Tara has been KILLING it around the world with posters, comics, paintings, installations, and just overall good vibes, and her art is as mesmerizing. She got the cover of the Dragon Con program too! word!

One of my few purchases, in fact (i had to fly home so i couldnt buy a bunch of stuff but oh time!) was this print from Tara, which i love to death.

Oh my DOG!

I also got a chance to chill with rad illustrator/DJ Jim "Food One" Mahfood, who I have crossed paths with a few times, but never quite as "sexy and intimate" as at Dragon Con! I discovered Jim's art YEARS ago when he was doing the Clerks comics and became a huge fan when i read Stupid Comics and 40 oz comics a little while later. since then the dude hasn't stopped. Look for future collabs soon;) And check out his ART HERE. We traded goods and i got stocked up on some of his newer books that i missed. Thanks, homie.

PS, my laptop, though sitting on my thighs, is somehow making my neck sweat. gross.

Conquering the night with old pals/fellow lunatics Huck Gee, Carlos East, The Baroness (from Kid Robot), & Sket One.

This dude, artist Ben Lande, and his friend and artist Aaron Crawford were hanging out at the con, and he had a tattoo of my Urkel piece!

Typical crowd shot, but i kept wondering why Dr. Manhattan didn't just teleport everywhere. that foot traffic sucked. What a patient doctor.


I scribbled on one of MAD's Cre8tive Peeple for a fan. Thought some saggy tits and some spider eyes would be cute.

From this high, all the nerds just looked like nerdy ants.

Sean The Leopard recited the entire plot of Chasing Amy while somehow simultaneously looking for a ring he dropped, resembling something that i can't quite put my finger on...

Conquering the mountain that is DJ Lil Greencard.

Smelling milk. The Leopard is blurry as fuck.

Please don't be mad, but i left this dude's card at my booth before i bounced, but this guy rules. He won my annual award for nerdiest tattoos on the (Middle) Earth! He had way more than this, but these are some of my favorites. so sick.

He also is a dope tattoo artist himself as he recently did this nerdy tattoo on his friend!

If you know his name, let me know, he deserves a plug.

Dinner at a fancy FRIED CHICKEN spot with the ZF crew. Yah, thats right, FANCY FRIED CHICKEN!


The Leopard ran into this dude in the bathroom, who was crying that his WIFE JUST PUNCHED HIM IN THE EYE! Wife-fail, dude.

I spoke on a panel for the very first time, which focused on the current state and perception of "Lowbrow Art", alongside (from left) COLIN CHRISTIAN, TRAVIS LOUIE & CHRIS RYNIAK. The panel was a great first time experience. I was nervous at first, and very humbled by the sheer knowledge that Travis, Colin & Chris had not only on our genre of art, but on all types of art history in general. It was great listening to them and (hopefully) absorbing some lessons from them. Eventually I loosened up and allowed myself to talk about Werewolves having multiple dicks and my experiences without art school. Thanks to designer/artist MARK MURPHY for hosting the event and making me feel pretty comfortable for my first time. Though, even once i started getting a little comfortable, it was still a little scary knowing that artist Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas were amongst the audience.

Me MAYBE knowing what i am talking about, but probably not.

I love "To Catch A Predator", so its only natural that I also love when The Predator catches me.

Myself and Chris Ryniak picking up applications to join the made-up Mandalorian army. I hope they accept my application. I'm gonna look ill as shit in that armor!

So, when the ZF dudes get back, I'm sure more photos will surface, but for now, I'm back to work, and I can only pass the time by remembering the good old days 2 days ago.Word.
xo, DragonCon, xo.

Lastly, because i feel you need some moving pictures in your life, here is a glimpse at the FUCKING ROAD WARRIOR PARADE that they had! YES, IM SERIOUS.

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Snafu Avatar My broadsword & I are SLAYING DRAGON CON IN ATLANTA!

12:48 PM Thursday, September 3, 2009
When I first heard about Dragon-Con years ago from my good friends at Rotten Cotton, I flipped out at the name alone. A convention full of Beastmaster-lovers, Orcs, Killer Clowns, and Girls in Frazetta-gear? Sign me up! Then when I found out that Rotten Cotton had more success and was more excited about Dragon Con than the San Diego Comic Con, I began to look into it. Then, around 2002, someone sent me a photo of someone dressed up as THE MAXX, in a huge super-legit costume, that they saw at Dragon Con. THAT'S the moment i knew that someday i had to venture over to Atlanta to go to it, whether it was just to go, or get a booth or whatever.
Well, 7 years later, I am finally getting a chance to go. Dragon-Con, from what I hear, is like the biggest Horror-Sci-Fi-Fantasy convention in the Eastern US, which means that it's like taking San Diego comic con, and removing all the shit i dont like from it, making a jelly-filled-donut of a good time! Needless to say I'm excited, as its AT LEAST an excuse to buy a new horror movie t-shirt that I will wear until it falls apart. Anyway, I think i am going to be a part of a panel on lowbrow art, along with some of my current favorite artists, Travis Louie & Chis Ryniak, on Saturday evening.

And I will be hanging around by the Zerofriends booth on both Friday and Saturday all day so come say hi to us and check out some new stuff;)

Oh, yah, Zerofriends is releasing this DRAGON-CON EXCLUSIVE new Limited Giclee print of my painting, "The Puppeteer & His Wife" at the show. Its a limited edition of 50 and it rules the school.

Check it:

BTW, here is the link to Dragon Con's website, but to be honest, its a little hard to navigate so I actually don't really know where in the convention the Zerofriends Booth will be, but i know for sure it is in the POP-ART section.
The convention takes place in 4 different hotels:



Sept 4 - 7

•Hilton Atlanta:

255 Courtland Street, NE

Atlanta, GA 30303

•Hyatt Regency Atlanta:

265 Peachtree Street NE

Atlanta, GA 30303

•Marriott Marquis Atlanta:

265 Peachtree Center Ave

Atlanta, GA 30303

•Sheraton Atlanta Hotel:

165 Courtland Street

Atlanta, GA 30303

And here is the info regarding the panel that I will be doing:

"LOWBROW LOWDOWN - The Future of Lowbrow": Baby Tattooville, Alex Pardee, Sas Christian, Colin christian, Travis Louie, Chris Ryniak, Warner, HC -- Saturday, September 5 - Time: 5:30 PM (Hanover F) / 1 hour .......... *****SPECIAL GUEST MODERATOR: Mark Murphy of Murphy design.

Hope to see you there:)
Last time I was in the ATL, for the Sparks x UP tour, I had a fucking blast. I love Atlanta. Food, here i come.

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Snafu Avatar Vintage pic & new "THE USED" album!

6:10 PM Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey yo.
As you may or may not know, I had worked with the band "The Used" for over 4 years on their last 3 album and DVD releases, and they continue to remain some of my best friends, despite me gaining weight and them traveling a TON;)
So, naturally I am very proud of them for the release of their brand new album, "ARTWORK", which comes out everywhere tomorrow, August 1st. (album cover seen above)
And though I didn't work with them on this release, it doesn't mean I am any less excited about it. "The Used", both as friends and as musicians, has collectively had a huge positive impact on my inspiration and my career path. And to celebrate the release, here is a never before seen picture of us, the very first day we met to discuss the "in love and death" album back in Feb of 2004.
So get out there and buy their new album tomorrow, or get it on itunes, or go listen to it on their website BY CLICKING HERE

And if you see the guys, tell them i love em.

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Snafu Avatar Shia Labeouf, Chadam, Speed & Uncomfortableness!

11:40 PM Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Are you as pissed as I am that that shitface from VH-1 had to go kill himself and force VH-1 to take away all of my TV??
Well, to fill your void (maybe) I uploaded a few videos the other day, some you might have missed, some you might be tired of, but regardless, here they are! Enjoy.

Official trailer for "CHADAM", my animated series coming out eventually from WB & HD Films. Seriously, I know its been a while, but its coming out great;)

One of the best weeks of my life. Directing voice-talents like these people was insane. Good times. And Sid Haig is a hypnotherapist, which is rad.

A segment from the comedy series "The Jace Hall Show" ( where i am interviewed by goofy intern Corey about my upcoming Warner Bros Animated series CHADAM.

Invaded the home of Shia Labeouf and ruined his walls with love and cake.

Me, Sam Flores & N8 Van Dyke went on a little painting tour around the US with Upper Playground & SPARKS. This was our first stop, where we sweat a lot.

One of my favorite timelapse vids, simply because of the fan, and because of Gary's cameo.

Until next time....

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Snafu Avatar Full SEATTLE Re-cap, minus most of the blood!

11:15 AM Monday, August 24, 2009

So, like the probable future of Robert Pattinson's career, my Seattle trip has come and gone in a flash. And though I previously have thought this in the 2 other times I have been to Seattle, I continue to stand by the fact that Seattle is one of the only other places outside of the Bay Area that I could see myself living and working. Its gorgeous, and (most) of the people are awesome.
The original plan for my Seattle appearance was to move my Portland show, "Self Portraits" up to Seattle for a second round. However, because almost all of the paintings actually sold out at the Portland show, I was left with very little to show and absolutely no time to produce a good amount of new work that wouldn't bum everyone out. So I decided to team up with my dudes who run Zerofriends, the clothing/art company that I co-own, and set up an entire Zerofriends experience, showing off a bunch of our prints, comic books, t-shirts, & some original art that was used for the clothing. On top of that, we carted up a shitload of Zerofriends merch and the kind folk at Upper Playground Seattle let us basically take over the store. That means we got to do things like get the mannequins naked, burn pillows and throw away original paintings by Nate Van Dyke and Sam Flores cuz they were IN MY WAY! :)
So myself, Sean "Leopard", Darren & the whole UP SEA crew spent a good part of Friday resetting up the store and filling it with Zerofriends stuff. It was a really cool feeling to actually have our stuff on display like that in a proper setting and it's exciting to think that we are going to be doing more of that in the future (shhhhh, thats kinda secret tho). And then I got to spend the night, from like 6pm to midnight, just meeting fans and drawing for folks and chatting about art, demons, school, swords, Alaska, and narcolepsy. It was non-stop and awesome. And though i normally don't like doing this because of the pressure of the situation and the permanence of it, but a REALLY REALLY sweet girl named Kayla asked me to draw on her back and she was going to get it tattooed the next day, and her mom was there who insisted it was alright, so I did it. Can't wait to see the tattoo if she gets it. I think she said she had to hide it from her Dad, though, so good luck, Kayla, i drew it kinda big;)
Anyway, here is a visual run-down of the event. My camera died toward the end of the night, so I don't have any pics of the after-show shindig where I ate mac-n cheese, put make-up on Sean, got my signature psycho-analyzed by old friend and illustrator Kyle Kesterson, chilled with a beautiful narcoleptic, and ran into the homies Reyes & Steel (MSK), who happen to be up in Seattle opening a new GOORIN BROS. retail store up there by Upper Playground. If youre up there you should check out that spot soon, i think they are painting the whole inside. So check the adventures below, next up is Dragon-Con in ATLANTA in about a week! See you there, dirty south!

Sean "Leopard" & Darren Scott, of Zerofriends, starting the setup.

Doing what i do best: Being confused and unprepared.

Meeting the store's security guard, who was actually USELESS! (see below)

Starting to overrun the store.

Sean "Leopard" doing his best E.T. impression.

Before the show started, we got a really quick chance to look around Seattle a little, where I stumbled upon these 2 things that made my insides happy:

A gigantic TROLL under the bridge that I am convinced SKINNER built in his formal life, as you can see the comparison.

And THIS THRIFT STORE, which was unfortunately closed, which meant that I came home UNICORN-VELVET-PAINTINGLESS.

Show about to start. The calm before the blood-storm.

First in line: A super young artist named Zinn who ruled the school, along with his father. He was rad. Well, they were BOTH rad.

To read about what is actually going on in the photo, go to my previous blog here:

Sam Wallis being way too close the evidence as part of the clean-up crew.

Attention, clean-up in aisle EVERYWHERE.

Sean, Me, Darren and the worst security guard in history.

Afterparty dinner with the UP SEA Crew.

That night, Sean Leopard was tuckered out, and continued his day of imitating things by imitating my favorite ancient mummy photo.

Overall, awesome trip. Thank you Seattle. Even you, crazy-pants.
See you again soon. I need to learn more about narcalepsy.

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Snafu Avatar Me and Zerofriends are taking over SEATTLE! (kinda)

2:40 AM Thursday, August 20, 2009
So, I've got good news for myself, and bad news for you! The good news is that I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow along with the Zerofriends crew to do something awesome. The BAD news, for YOU, is that i'm gonna probably twitter the fuck out of the trip so you guys will most likely get annoyed like you did last week in Denver;) However, I promise this time i will post less, but be twice as offensive and juvenile. Is that a fair compromise?


Anyway, yes, I am heading to Seattle.
What am I doing aside from trying to find the haunted basketball court they used in the Smells like Teen Spirit video? Well, I am setting up a little intimate art show, print release & signing on Friday evening at 6:00 pm at The Upper Playground up there.
In addition to that, ZEROFRIENDS will be taking over a section of the U.P. store and selling a bunch of shirts and prints throughout the next month! We have been hesitant to jump into the retail game given the economy and all, but this will be a good test so please please go check out the clothing if you are in Seattle and help support so we can take over stores throughout the country;)

The art show, itself, is going to be a fun little collection of stuff. Because I just got back from my Denver solo show, and this was a little spontaneous opportunity, I will be displaying and selling a number of random pieces of art and prints. I know most of my shows have themes and stuff, think of this one as my favorite Jeopardy category, Potpourri!
We will have both framed and un-framed prints for sale, books, shirts, some never before seen original black and white drawings from some of my clothing and poster designs, as well as a few little paintings for good measure.
And as a special surprise, we are releasing a Seattle-exclusive limited Giclee print of 'THE HANDFUL", like this:

Also, we are gonna party with you Seattle-ites. And Satellites.

So come on by, i think there will be drinks and music. No charge, all ages, all that good stuff. And if you cant make it to the opening, come by the shop to support Zerofriends all through September!

See ya there.

Here's the info:
@ Upper Playground in Seattle
4730 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 985-1000
Friday, August 21 @ 6:00 PM

be there.

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Snafu Avatar "Frolicking Nightmares" Preview Images & Interview

1:46 AM Monday, August 3, 2009
In what is sure to be a minor epic adventure, I am packing up and getting ready to head out on a long drive to Bronco-Nugget Land, Denver, Colorado to set up my new solo art show. Amongst my framing, packing and sweating today, my fellow friend, neighbor and artist DAVE CORREIA sat down with me to ask me some questions about the show while he drooled a little on his bib. Enjoy the small preview, and I hope to see you there if you are a mountain dweller. Or a mountain goat. Or a bronco. Or awesome. Or all of the above.

CORREIA: So hopefully everyone that reads this will kinda know who you are and if not I don't really care because I'm a little drunk. So what are we here to talk about today?

ME: I just wanted to say a few words to let people know about my new solo 
show opening up at ANDENKEN GALLERY in Denver, CO on August 7, which I think is next Friday.

CORREIA: You THINK that? Or you know that?

ME: I actually know that. I didn't really want to sound like a know it all 

CORREIA: Knowing the days of the week isn't really that impressive of a feat. But ok. Congratulations. So, you usually have a semi-thought out theme for your solo shows. What's the name and theme of this show, if any?

ME: My themes usually start out as just a retarded idea that I think would 
be a funny one time painting and then I get hung up on the idea and it 
just kind of expands itself. This case is no different. The name of 
the show is "Frolicking Nightmares: Portraits of Beasts Who Dwell in a 
SEXIER Dimension".

CORREIA:What do you mean by "a sexier dimension?"

ME: Well, I always thought it would be awesome to create monsters that 
someone like Prince would like.

CORREIA: So these are gay monsters then?

ME: I'm not sure, I guess you'd have to ask them, but regardless, one of the 
things I'm trying to convey is that there's a difference between being 
homosexual and being SEXY. Especially in a sexier dimension. It's cool to 
think that some huge demented closet-monster can come out of the 
closet and scare the shit out of a kid but remain sexy while doing so.

CORREIA: You just said the monsters would "come out of the closet"? So they ARE admittedly gay?

ME: Dude it doesn't matter. You can't tell just by looking at them. And 
who cares. They are sexy. Period.

CORREIA: I'm still a little confused. Is sexy supposed to be scary?

ME: No, sexy is sexy. But I guarantee even at their sexiest, these monsters 
will fuck you up. And plus, I think it's awesome to imagine the 
lives that monsters could have outside of scaring people. Most of them 
are probably male models, or at least they'd wanna be if the economy 
was better. Being a male model is a rad dream. That's pretty much what I wanted to explore when creating these paintings.

CORREIA: Alright, that's cool. So what can we expect to see at the show, other than your awkward face?

ME: I did a whole new series of these sexy beast paintings that will be on 
display, as well as some new black and white drawings, and a bunch of 
little paintings of my new friends, Taco, Muerte, Apple and the rest 

CORREIA: Umm ok, should I even ask what the Ghost Boners are?

ME: You can ask. But you don't seem to understand "sexy", so you probably 
won't get the whole boner thing.

CORREIA: Alright aside from the paintings, anything else available at the show?

ME: There's also going to be a new limited print release at the opening as 
well, which is the "En Vogue" image that you see on the web-flyer. (above). It's a pretty sexy image.

CORREIA: Cool man well I'm glad i'm not going but i wish you luck.

ME: Thanks man. Stay sexy.

"Frolicking Nightmares"
New works by ALEX PARDEE
7 PM - 12 AM
990 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

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Snafu Avatar Cute Palpatine up for Cute Auction

5:08 PM Friday, July 31, 2009
My CUTEST PALPATINE IN THE EMPIRE, which was on display at the Lucasfilm booth at Comic Con, is now up for auction for charity thanks to Lucasfilm, CharityFolks, Hasbro, and Bonnie Burton!
Along with mine, there are some other amazing and hilarious custom Muggs up for charity so check out the AUCTION HERE, which ends AUGUST 14th!

Direct link to bid on my Palpatine!

"I usually let Lord Vader do my bidding."

Don't be like the Emperor, do your own bidding!:)

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Snafu Avatar Zerofriends x Comic Con Products now available!

9:03 PM Thursday, July 30, 2009
Hola, yolas.
Just a quick note, i'm hustlin as hard as I can to make sure my Denver art show is as SEXY as can be, and the Zerofriends dudes are trying to recover from Comic con.
But i just wanted to give you a heads up that the new products that we debuted at comic con are now available for purchase online at the ZEROFRIENDS STORE.

Direct link to zerofriends store :

Click on any of the photos to purchase or view at the store:)
Your chest and your chest's friends will thank you.

"Father Killer" shirt:

direct link to black "Father Killer" shirt:

Direct link to white "Father Killer" shirt:

Ghost of Peacock Forest Giclee Print:

Happy shopping;)

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Snafu Avatar Full SUCKER PUNCH art! ZACK SNYDER'S new movie!

4:34 PM Monday, July 27, 2009
So, as promised, here is a full look at the art that I created for director Zack Snyder's upcoming movie "Sucker Punch".
This is the first image that has been released anywhere regarding the film, which I am completely honored to be a part of. Below is a brief synopsis of the film, which comes out in 2011. Pass it around, its gonna be ill!

Set in the 1950s, SuckerPunch follows Babydoll (Emily Browning) who is confined to a mental institution by her stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized in five days. While there, she imagines an alternative reality to hide her from the pain, and in that world, she begins planning her escape, needing to steal five objects to help get her out before she is deflowered by a vile man.

Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone co-star in the film, targeted for a March 25, 2011 release.

As far as the shirts that they gave away at the Watchmen panel at Comic Con, I have not heard if these are going to be sold anywhere officially, nor do i own the image so Zerofriends will NOT be producing any of this stuff, but judging from the amount of merch thats floating around there from Zack's other movies, I'm pretty sure you will see some of this stuff on shelves sometime;)


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Snafu Avatar My Comic Con Secret was revealed last night!

2:03 PM Sunday, July 26, 2009
Last night, at 1am at the San Diego comic con, my favorite director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen) showed the very first public piece of art for his upcoming movie, Sucker Punch. and guess what!? I MADE IT! YESSSSSSS!!!! Like a twinkie, I will fill you in more soon about it, but for now, check out the announcement thingy:

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Snafu Avatar Brand new CHADAM trailer debuted at Comic-Con!

12:44 PM Friday, July 24, 2009
Wanna see the brand new CHADAM trailer that debuted on the Warner Bros jumbotron screen yesterday at the San Diego Comic con??? Well then click that little triangle down there.
If you don't know, CHADAM is an animated series I created for Warner Bros and have been working feverishly on for almost 2 years now. Still no solid release date, but we are getting there;)

Anyway, check it out!

And here is a little behind the scenes, high-fiving action from the weekend that we recorded the voice-acting, which still ranks up there in one of the coolest 2-day-period of my life.

Chadam Voice-Over Exclusive from io9 on Vimeo.

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12:19 PM Thursday, July 23, 2009
Its OFFICIAL. on August 7 I have a NEW SOLO show in DENVER @ Andenken Gallery! And things just got WAY SEXIER!

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Snafu Avatar Comic Con is HERE!

5:39 PM Tuesday, July 21, 2009
COMIC CON 2009 IS HERE!!!!!!
John Carpenter's "In The Mouth Of Madness" is an awesome film, with an ill title. I used to say I love that title so much that I wish I could apply it to my life. However, now that these last few weeks have been so hectic and maddening, and i CAN say that I live "In The Mouth Of Madness", i all of a sudden regret that thought. But screw it, and as Twitter-master Diddy says, "LET'S GO PEOPLE!"

So, with that being said, i have some GREAT news, some more GREAT news, and some KINDA BAD news.

First, the GREAT NEWS:
For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on part of a very surreal and amazing project that does not involve me directly, but having a small part in this epic project has been something that I wish i lived far away for, so I could write home about it. It has been rad, and I will be able to tell you more after Comic Con, as I believe it is getting announced at the Con. If you want a little secret heads up, I suggest you fight your way into the LIVE WATCHMEN DIRECTORS CUT WITH ZACK SNYDER, DAVE GIBBONS, & JACKIE EARL HALEY doing live commentary while they screen the movie! Its on Saturday, July 25th, in ROOM 6BCF @8:30pm. (no, I didn't do anything Watchmen-related, though that would be equally amazing!)

Heres a super tiny super secret sneak peek at the project:)

Now, for some more GREAT news!
As of 3 days ago, Zerofriends COULD NOT get a booth at Comic Con, though we tried and tried for months. I have had a booth there every year for 10 years but that place is just too popular and too in demand for everyone to get a booth. However, as of 2 days ago, Justin from Comic Con International, was able to GET US A BOOTH AT THE LAST MINUTE!!!
That's right, ZEROFRIENDS will have a HUGE BOOTH at Comic con. Come see us at BOOTH #5302! Its close to the entrance. here is a partial map of the side of comic con where we are at (if you have ever been there, you know that this is like 1/18th of the exhibitor hall!)

And, though it was such short notice and we don't have anything that will be totally exclusive to the convention, we DO have some new limited products that we were waiting until next month to release, but we figured this would be a better time! So make sure you go by BOOTH #5302 to check out a ton of products that we are bringing down there.



Detail of the print:

By Alex Pardee
17' x 22" Super Limited Edition of 50
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag
Each print hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee

(Available in both black and white at the convention)

"CREATURE" Skate Deck.
We finally have a few of these in stock. They came out briefly and were super limited and sold out quickly through Creature, but we got our hands on a few for the convention. And it comes with a mini Baseball Beater Bat too! For only $50! Deck is limited to 350 of them!

Also, even if you don't have any $$ to come pick up anything from us, at least stop by to check out a BRAND NEW "CHADAM" TRAILER that will be debuting at both the WarnerBros booth (on the JumboTron) and at the Zerofriends booth! It's looking cooler and cooler, and will be coming out soon!

Additionally, I will have a few other things floating around Comic Con:
I think i have a couple new shirts (and my WALRUS RIDER TOY) available at the UPPER PLAYGROUND BOOTH (#4031).
I did this painting of my favorite bumbling VILLAINOUS BONEHEAD for MATTEL's booth (#3029) to advertise a really cool project that they have going on (which I don't think i can tell you about but I'm sure it will be known at their booth): I had to do this piece rather quickly but I was stoked that they asked me to do it so I jumped on it. Hope ya like;)

And a detail of the loverboy's face:

And lastly, I am taking part in a charity auction organized by Lucasfilm & Hasbro to benefit the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Over 50 of us artists customized MIGHTY MUGGS toys to fit into the Star Wars universe and they will be auctioned off and displayed at LUCASFILM's Booth (#2913). Naturally, because of my lust for Old Men with Lightning Powers, I chose ol' Emperor Palpatine as my drug of choice. Here is the little cute evil man:

Now, on to the BAD news:
With me being involved in so many cool things at Comic Con this year, it breaks my heart to tell you that, though Zerofriends will have a booth there, I WILL NOT BE THERE AT ALL this year:( My schedule is too too hectic in the next few weeks and I tried everything, but to no avail. It's the first time in 10 years that I will not be at the con, and i really do have a broken heart. But i will be there in spirit and I will Twitter as though i am there, so look out for that.
Regardless, I love you and hope to see you via satellite at Comic Con from my studio (soon to be hospital bed at the rate i'm going).

Alex Pardee

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Snafu Avatar Full CAGE art revealed, album in stores now!

12:46 PM Tuesday, July 7, 2009
No, not fucking Morris Day and his awkward mustache and scarf-laden dance-steps, i mean CAGE IS HERE, DAMNIT!
It's midnight everywhere in the world right now (don't know how that's really possible, but Cage makes weird things happen) and that means that the awesomely-anticipated new CAGE album, "DEPART FROM ME" is now released in stores everywhere and in the digital realm via itunes and amazon and all that shiz.

I highly suggest you run out to the stores in the morning to pick up a physical copy of it. Why? well, for one, because supporting independent music in a time where every musician is losing money is a necessary thing for us to all do.
and two, because we tried really hard to make a cool art package for you to rip all up and hang up in your locker and stuff, and the low-res stuff you can steal online doesnt nearly do it justice. I promise.

Anyway, you can listen to the whole album on Cage's myspace page, here:
and if you like it, pick up a copy. he deserves it. the dude is FRESH! and here is all of the artwork that you will get if you grab a copy of the album. and the cool thing is, only Cage and myself really know what all these drawings mean. But regardless, hope you enjoy both the album and the art.
Long live Chris Palko. Less than 3. Thats a heart, yo.

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Snafu Avatar Handful of shirt....and potatoes.

10:53 PM Sunday, June 28, 2009
We here at Zerofriends are pretty open-minded when it comes to being creative. We find inspiration in the weirdest places sometimes, whether its the reflection of our faces distorted in the toilet water when we pee, or the dab of ketchup that ends up on our chests as we sloppily molest a burger with our mouths. Or, as an actual example, this candid photo that was snapped during our annual Zerofriends potato feast:

One look at this photo and we all agreed: "FUCK YAH, NEW SHIRT!!!"
Direct link to photo:

And so, I present to you, the "HANDFUL" shirt, a brand new exploration in potato-inspired apparel.


Direct link to purchase the "HANDFUL" shirt:

Detail shot:

And if that isnt enough motivation, we are continuing the tradition of telling stories with our apparel, as the following story about the graphic is printed on the inside of the shirt:)

"I went to school with a kid named Tommy Revenge who had an abnormally large right hand. Not just abnormally large for a 12 year old. Plain old abnormally large. He couldn't wear both gloves so his Mom wrapped his huge hand in a towel when it was cold, but the extra weight made him lose balance a lot. One morning we were all playing chicken with the groundskeeper and his ride-on John Deere like we always did, but Tommy's hand must have weighed a lot that day, because he got real close, and then just collapsed to his right, and fell under the lawnmower blades. Ironically, after the lawnmower completely diced him like a carrot, his huge right hand, the last thing to enter the blades, jammed them, destroying the machine. We always said that at least his last name suited him, as Tommy got his "Revenge". Kinda."

Thank you.

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Snafu Avatar New Mural Video WIth Me, Skinner, Jeben Berg & Jason Maloney

4:44 PM Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Remember that HURLEY mural that i did at the YouTube headquarters a while back along with Skinner, Jeben Berg & Jason Maloney??
Well, Hurley has just put up a nice video of that little production. Enjoy:)

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Snafu Avatar Helmets, Hahns, Jesse James, and more helmets!

11:32 PM Monday, June 22, 2009
"I bet she gives GREAT Helmet..."
-Rick Moranis

I don't know if you know this, but I'm obsessed with Nip/Tuck. It's one of my favorite shows on TV. In the course of one episode, more plot twists, death, drama, and nipple reduction happens than on an entire season of 24. I'm not joking. I love it. So you can imagine my jizzy surprise a few years ago when I spotted John Hensley's character, Misguided Matt, sporting a shirt that i designed in the Nazi episode! or was it the tranny episode?! Either way, it was awesome randomly seeing something i drew on TV. Flash forward a few years, i work in LA a lot and because LA is super weird and weird shit always happens, I ended up crossing paths with John a few times and became friendly with him, and he's dope. He is ALSO a professional motorcycle racer and can probably out-speed Cykill from the GoBots, which is a tough feat.

Here is John Hensley and I at my Suru art show last year:

Anyway, John Hensley and Joe Hahn (artist, director & dj of Linkin Park) have put together a jaw-dropping art show at SURU and they were kind enough to ask me to be a part of the show. At first, i said "FUCK OFF" because i hear things wrong sometimes and i thought Joe said "will you be a part of me" and I thought he was asking me to marry him. But when he clarified, I was more than honored. The concept of the show is really really dope.

Theres about 15 artists who are all painting original pieces on these custom-made motorcycle helmets hand picked by Joe and John that will be sold for charity. And the best part about the show is the line up of artists. There's artists in this show that I have not only looked up to for years, but never even considered that I would ever show alongside of them, so yes, Joe, i really AM honored. DO NOT FUCK OFF. I mean, Jim Lee(!) Futura, Jesse James, James Jean, Barry (Twist) McGee??!!! Back in 1992 I used to take a bus from Antioch to Concord, then BART to San Francisco (like a 3 hour ride all together) every weekend JUST to walk around SF and see what new Twist characters were floating around town! So ill.

So yah, if you are around the LA area on Sunday, July 12th (or any time after that for a month), come check out the all-day sunday afternoon opening! Here is some more info, as well as a sneak peak at the helmet that I painted for the show. Enjoy.

A Gallery exhibition featuring a body of work from a phenomenal group of artists who have chosen elements from motorcycle culture as their medium.
Sunday, July 12th, 12PM-8PM (show runs through august 16th)
Admission is free.

Hosted By:
John Hensley & Joe Hahn
7662 Melrose Ave
LA, CA 90046

Featured Artists Include:
Barry McGee, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Mark Dean Veca, Audrey Kawasaki, Jim Lee, James Jean, Stash, Futura, Jesse James, Jeff McMillan, Alex Pardee, Troy Lee, Usugrow, Estevan Oriol, Nathan Cabrera, & Dr. Romanelli!

Here is me painting mine, using my too-big-for-the-helmet head as my easel. And yah, i know my bathroom is cleaner than yours, you don't have to tell me;)

Here is the flyer:

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Snafu Avatar Prepare to be skinned...

10:43 PM Sunday, June 21, 2009
Skinner is one of my favorite artists and the dude is so prolific and inspirational and he's in Romania right now just making art and hunting vampires which makes me super happy.
If you have never seen his art and are around San Francisco, Skinner has an INCREDIBLE solo show at 111 Minna Gallery right now and you should go check it out. You will either be inspired, or your head will explode. but either way, you'll have fun.
Meanwhile, check out this video that he did for his show. and YES, thats his band, Iguanadon, doing the music. He rips. And draws boners.

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Snafu Avatar Thank you for letting me hug you in person...

2:10 AM Sunday, June 21, 2009
Thank you to everyone who came out to my recent signings and release of the Krakken....i mean the release of the Walrus Rider toy! The signings are really fun because I'm usually pretty shy but these give me an excuse to talk to you and it's cool meeting fans, friends, and strangers who don't mind that my nervous sketches look more like my hand turkey drawings than they should.
If you missed the releases, you can still buy the Walrus Rider in select stores, or thru the Loyal Subjects ( or thru Upper Playground (

A HUGE HUGE, MILEY-CYRUS-MOUTH-SIZED THANK YOU to everyone at Upper Playground, The Loyal Subjects, and Munky King for making these events happen and for helping create the Walrus....

Heres a little selection of some photos from the events:

My good friends over at TOYBREAK (a cool, fun Toy Review show) came by the LA signing and ended up reviewing the Walrus Rider on their latest video episode which i embedded below. "Embedding" kind of implies that I forced this video into bed, which, for the record, maybe i DID. but who cares. Check out the review and checl out some of their other episodes OVER AT TOYBREAK


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Snafu Avatar Los Angeles Walrus Signing & Giveaway Tomorrow!

3:14 PM Friday, June 12, 2009

If you are around the Grater Los Angeles area tomorrow evening (i say "grater" rather than "greater" because for some reason whenever i go down there my bowels get shredded like pepper jack), make sure you come by my official LA release & signing of my first original vinyl toy, "The Walrus Rider"!

This release & signing is going to be a little epic because I figured since it's on a Saturday night, and there is always a ton of secret weird coke-infested parties going on in Hollywood, I should make it worth your while to come say hi to me and the Walrus.

Like my favorite creepy ice cream man used to say when I was little, "Here's the scoop":

WHEN: Saturday, June 13th (thats tomorrow) @ 6pm-10pm
WHERE: Munky King Gallery @ 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles (
WHAT: Alex Pardee (me) will be signing and selling my new HUGE vinyl toy, "The Walrus Rider" (seen above, blonde chick not included), which was designed by me, and produced by Upper Playground and The Loyal Subjects
WHY: A) Because my beard will be nicely trimmed and seeing it in person might make your blood feel better. B) Because you can be one of the first people to own the WALRUS RIDER, which is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. &C) Because i will scribble on it for you, chat with you, and you have a chance to WIN an ORIGINAL FRAMED PAINTING OF THE WALRUS RIDER!!!
HOW MUCH $$: "The Walrus RIder" will be $75 to purchase

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Every person who purchases a Walrus Rider Toy will be entered in a raffle that will be held at the end of the signing @ 10pm. The winner of the raffle will WIN an original painting done by me of the Walrus Rider! (winner MUST be present at the time of the RAFFLE DRAWING!!!)
Also, we are also releasing an ultra-limited Giclee print of the Walrus Rider painting as well, signed and numbered by me. Here is a pic of the FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING that you can WIN, as well as the Giclee print, that has a little extra flavor added to it;)

The painting is 20" x 16" and done with watercolor and ink.

The Limited Giclee Print, which is an edition of 30, signed and numbered by me.

So yah, come on down to Munky King tomorrow and say hi. YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING TO SAY HI OR GET STUFF SIGNED:)

And check out how big this thing is! (photos from my recent SF release/singing)

See you there!!!

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Snafu Avatar Who's hoooussse?? Zack's house!

11:21 PM Thursday, June 11, 2009
Look who's now the proud owner of my "Secondmen" painting!!?

Why, of COURSE it's Zack Snyder, Director "Watchmen", "300" and one of my favorite remakes, "Dawn Of the Dead"!

Zack is dope, as I got a chance to meet him last week and seriously geek out on some stuff. I'm sure I probably Urkel-ed the fuck out of him, asking a ton of questions in a geeky voice, all about how the studio let him do DAWN they way he did, the reception of Watchmen, Gerard Butlers ABS! (note, ohmygodholyshit they were REAL and he SAW THEM!!!) and a ton of other stuff. But in true professional fashion, he was gracious as hell and not only chatted with me about everything, but talked to me a lot about his next projects, including a dark animated film about owls and an awesome secret project. we had a blast (at least i hope we did. haha) He (as well as his whole production team) is super supportive of us weirdo artists and it was really refreshing. If only someone didn't already fuck up the Day Of the Dead remake I would have begged to be a PA on that shit just to eat some flesh in the background.

So my final review of Zack: 9/10. I would have given him a 10 but he was in sweats!! It's impossible to get a 10 in sweats!

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Snafu Avatar 30 original paintings for sale!

10:23 PM Thursday, June 11, 2009
Well, this is kind of a bittersweet entry into blogdom as I sit here watching Labyrinth (the prequel to Pan's Labyrinth where the girl, instead of being a nice little imaginative girl, is a terrible teenager and says "I HATE YOU!" to babies) and thinking about how much time i DON'T have to meet certain deadlines that are rapidly approaching. But that's not your problem. Nor is the fact that a severe, hippy-punching storm attacked the opening night to my solo show in Portland causing a lot of people (except the amazingly supportive local crowd) to stay indoors instead of outdoors where they would have surely been ass-raped by winds and hail.

So what am I getting at? Well, I have been extremely fortunate and appreciative in the past year or so to actually be able to sell some artwork in an economy where people aren't even buying porn. Being able to put together some cool art shows with affordable pieces has been really well-accepted in general, and simultaneously has helped pay the bills too. So 2 hours before the doors opened to my new show, when the city-wide storm warnings literally told people to stay inside their houses and NOT COME OUT AT ALL BECAUSE THEY WILL DIE, I got a little bummed. In the end, though, the rain let up and people showed up and I sold some art and i had an amazing show. Whenever I sell art, even if its one piece, its good news. But now for the better news: because not much sold at the opening, now everyone else who is not in the Pacific Northwest can get a chance to view/purchase some of my original art.

You can check out the entire price list and images for the show by clicking HERE or by going to the direct link:

To purchase or inquire about any of the pieces, email or call 503.548.4835.

Oh, and you can see some of the framing on some of the pieces in my previous post, HERE

Direct link:

Thank you for checking out the art:)
Jason Voorhees and I will see you in Denver in like 6 weeks!

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Snafu Avatar Tons of photos from my PDX Art Opening...

12:05 PM Thursday, June 11, 2009
My recent solo show, "Self Portraits Of Other People", opened last thursday in Portland @ Upper Playground amidst city wide storm and tornado warnings, which scared off a lot of people in the beginning of the show, but after the storm let up, the locals came rain-dancing out from the donut shops and strip clubs to show their support. Thank you to everyone who came out and weathered the madness. I had a blast. Enough rambling, I will let the photos do the chattering:

The entrance...

The Zerofriends Crew, as usual, helped me a TON with the set up of the show, and I returned the favor by being fat and falling over in the only picture we took together.

As people started showing up, I freaked out. Nothing new.

I signed cards...

I signed prints...

Man, I signed so much shit...I mean SHIRTS! I signed so many SHIRTS!

Artist Martin Ontiveros, who had an amazing 2-man show with Skinner last year, came through, and out of the 4 photos we took, this is the only one that came out, further proving that Blade hunts him on a regular basis.

One of my new acrylic paintings surrounded by some babies.

With Portland being all woodsy n' shit, I figured, "why not show the Night Of The Treeple video?" Btw, looking directly into the blue projection bulb for 4 seconds makes everyone's face a complete blue circle for the next 2 hours. Which, in turn, makes it WAY easier to talk to strangers. I highly suggest it next time you speak in public.

The original "Night of the Treeple" line art.

This is how you fancily drink juice at your own opening when youre too pussy to drink beer.

And speaking of BEERds, my new homie DangerEhren from Jackass came by to show me that not only is HIS beard is way better, but that his FACE is way funnier. I have some catching up to do.

It doesn't matter one bit that I have no idea who most of these girls are. What matters is that they showed up. Good work, Portland female race.

Obligatory crowd shot part 1: A New Hope.

Obligatory crowd shot part 2: Secret of the Ooze

The wall of continuing horror...

If you're gonna steal the walrus, you have to HIDE it, not just pretend you are breastfeeding it.

Illustrator/furniture guru Blaine Fontana was craving the salt I store in my ear.

And artist Damon Soule, who is seriously on some next level shit with his work, came by to show his support and share my uncomfortableness. I was stoked to finally meet Damon. Been a fan of his work for years.

And a detailed wall shot to close out the night...

Thank you Portland. I loved your donuts, your grilled cheeses, your cheap bars, your trannies, and your odd smells. I will come back soon.

If you are around portland, the show will be up for viewing for the next 2 months, so go check it if you get a chance.
Upper Playground, @ 5th & Couch st. Portland.

Some of the paintings are still available to purchase. Look for a post very soon about the available pieces.


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Snafu Avatar Alex Pardee x Greg Simkins Collab T-SHIRT!!

12:34 PM Tuesday, June 9, 2009
I (along with the rest of Zerofriends) am proud to announce a pretty crazy milestone for Zerofriends:
Our VERY FIRST TRUE COLLABORATION t-shirt & print release!
Please file this in the "it-was-bound-to-happen-eventually-but-its-still-blowing-my-mind-at-how-cool-it-was-to-work-on" folder, as today Zerofriends released both a t-shirt and a HUGE poster featuring collaborative art between myself and GREG "CRAOLA" SIMKINS!!!!

direct link to graphic:

Greg and I have collaborated in the past and we really wanted to do something cool for our first Zerofriends collab, so we decided to stop planning and just jump right in and MASH UP both of our companies ("Zerofriends", and "I'm Scared") into a deformed frankenstein-ish pile of superheroes.
What started as an innocent play on the old "Superfriends" shirts that both Greg and I had when we were in fourth grade, morphed into something a little more monstrous after a few back and forth sketch-sessions.
The end result is now available for you to dress yourself up in thanks to the age-old craft of printing!!

Starting today, The "SCARED FRIENDS" design is an insane 11-COLOR screenprint available on 3 different colors of shirts (white, slate, and light blue). And we actually used the exact color palette of the old superfriends art when we were designing this graphic.

And, because both Greg & My bedroom walls were plastered with super hero posters and giant dinosaur-eating galaxy posters, we thought "Why not produce old school-style wall posters?!" So we did just that. The "Scared Friends" image is also available as a HUGE 24" x 36" glossy poster for you (or your kids') walls!!

In the midst of everything else that is going on, this is something that i have been DYING to tell you guys about because Greg Simkins is one of my favorite artists of all time so it was a really fun collab. So be sure to check it out and grab one before they run out (as Greg's art and products seems to be more in demand than Kanye West's Nikes as of late).

Here's the info about the shirts, which are available EXCLUSIVELY online at Zerofriends ONLY!!!
Click here to go directly to ZEROFRIENDS or click any of the pictures below to purchase!


It's available in 3 colors. I guarantee you had the baby blue one in 4th grade. I know I did.

Detail of the art. Greg handled most of the left half and I did the right, but we scribbled back and forth over each other a lot and managed not to get mad at each other. It was fun.


And check out the poster, the thing is HUGE, and will eat your Spuds McKenzie poster in a heartbeat.

Yah, i got a paper cut on my cheek but whatever...

Direct link to purchase the poster:

What are you waiting for?? With this image gracing your wall or your chest, you will be granted scary & super powers beyond belief.

Thanks a ton.
Oh, and yes, there are more collabs to come. Shhhhh:)


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